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Sid: Now all this week I’ll be talking about exciting news that proves the spiritual scales are off the eyes of Jewish people. This is God’s time to reach Jewish people in Israel, this is God’s time to reach Jewish people in the United States of America. And that’s why I’m so excited about my guest Dr. Paul Gervais I’m speaking to him in Augusta, Maine. And Dr. Gervais is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Psychologist, a Marriage and Family Therapist. He holds 4 State Mental Health Licenses and none of that counts diddly in reaching Jewish people for the gospel. The only thing that counts is he has intimacy with God and he has learned how to tap into the power of God. And I find this…I have to tell you Paul I find this almost almost unbelievable in the past 3 years have of the people you pray for that want gold crowns get it but not from a dentist they get it from heaven. Tell me about one real person that got gold teeth.

Paul: Well I remember a lady Sid being in our services I believe it was in Vermont and she received a total of 12 combinations of gold teeth and fillings. Went back home to her husband who happens to be a Federal Investigator. Now this lady had a cassette as well as a video tape of my service. He happen to watch it subsequent to her return and when she went into the play room noticed that her husband was anointing gold teeth so this is what we call positive contagion. Just as the enemy comes to steal kill and destroy and that can be kind of contagious especially if you look at the plagues that are going on in various countries. The glory of God is contagious and we reached a point in the Body of Christ where there is dissatisfaction. I like Smith Wigglesworth once said “The only thing that I’m satisfied with is my dissatisfaction.” And that’s healthy because you never rise above the level of your vision. You locate a person by way of their confession and people men, woman and children are crying out for a sign that God is good. I remember being persecuted as a result of just simply saying that, “God is good.” And He is “Every good and perfect gift comes from Him.” And we discussed previously the open vision…

Sid: Even before you get to this open vision I have to ask you a question in addition to gold teeth being a sign in your ministry gold dust is a sign in your ministry. Now recently Paul and I were together in Nashville, Tennessee where we did a television show and I asked Paul to pray for me for a transfer of anointing. And I have to tell you I have not ministered since the TV show however I went to hear one of my former guests on Messianic Vision Dr. Ricky Roberts minister and I was just sitting as a friend of mine says “Minding my own business.” And you know just sitting there in the audience and he gave a wonderful talk and the talk was over and I got up to leave but as I got up I noticed the chair next to me. The chair next to me was coated with gold dust. Now my chair just had a couple of flakes but the empty chair next to me was coated with gold dust. Now it wasn’t there when I sat down. Paul this is what I believe now if you don’t believe it just say, just say something nice to me but I believe the reason there was told dust on that chair next to me was royalty was sitting in that chair. I believe that Yeshua Jesus the King of the Jews was in that chair.

Paul: Absolutely, Christ in us the hope of glory. He works in us to will and do of His good pleasure. And the glory of God again contagious Jesus fully preached the gospel with signs following approved of God through signs, wonders and miracles. And it’s not as though He’s just trying to give us a display of His grandeur I mean He could blow our socks off with it but these are love letters. This is an endorsement, this is a revelation how much He lives for us. You say “We live for Him” but contemplate the fact that if you do away with humanity what is there for God you are the apple of His eye.

Sid: You know most of us don’t appreciate how much He loves us and how important we are to Him. We say “Well we’re just like that little ant.” But no somehow God has enough love for every human on planet earth.

Paul: I’m looking out the window now and perceiving the trees the flowers and the sunshine. Why did He create color or taste? I mean we could have view in black and white then and everything could be bland. It’s simply because He knows what we appreciate and this is only the beginning. The glory of God involves not only His manifest presence but a revelation of who we are in Him and who He is in us. And once we perceive His love Sid disease will not be able to stand in that presence neither than death. “Where sin abounds grace much more gains ascendance.”

Sid: And as you know Katherine Kuhlman was a personal friend of mine and I got to know her as I was a brand new believer in the Messiah. And as far as I’m concerned she had one of the greatest miracle ministries short of Jesus on planet earth. And she use to say “A day is coming, she didn’t say “Sid but she said “A day is coming in which believers will go into hospitals and clear them all out.” Now I’ve got to ask you about that open vision that you had Paul.

Paul: What I saw in my spirit was a rent in heaven getting wider and wider. The very contents of the throne room and its environment falling to earth heaven and earth have never been closer than they are right now. In fact they’re kissing each other and I remember that prayer of Jesus which is yet to be answered. “Father, I pray that they be one even as we are one.” And that’s coming by way revelation of the Father’s love of signs, wonders and miracles. I saw gold, silver representing literally gold, silver gems that are appearing in our services. And then body parts and anatomical body parts that are needed by the people here on planet earth to fix them. I mean you don’t make a telephone or a computer without the ability to restore it if something were to go wrong we’re extremely complicated with various systems as human beings. And our Creator was not laxed in this area and He has the manual which is the word of God but the parts in the warehouse around the throne room necessary to restore us.

Sid: Did you see these parts?

Paul: I did they were descending in this glory cloud and also the word “Yes” representing every good and perfect gift comes from Him but the gifts of the Spirit. There were fruit, the fruit of the Spirit “Patience, long suffering, meekness, kindness.” Just an open display of God’s glory and this was around you know Y2K period when many people including Christians were storing water and foods and actually operating in fear. But the Holy Spirit spoke and said to me “Paul Y2K is going to be the very beginning of this great outpouring of glory.”

Sid: Very quickly by the way “Someone’s neck if you can look in the mirror you’ll see gold dust on your neck.” But 2 weeks after you had this open vision you were a guest on TBN Paul Crouch is interviewing you and what happened?

Paul: We kept losing focus because I noticed that Paul’s face was being covered by the gold dust literally gold, yellow gold. And on his mustache was just casting looking down from there from there onto the table. And such was the case with me we were in the presence of the Holy Spirit. So half way through the program took a break this was a live telecast and Paul said “What do you think we ought to do?” Well the manifestation is for now and it could have happened a half hour prior or a half hour later but we have an audience of millions of people so I think your loss but I think that the Holy Spirit wants us to unveil this and we did. The lines lit up in southern California became congested. TBN had never in 30 year history received so many contacts by way of telephone, fax, emails as it did for that particular telecast.

Sid: Paul, we’re out of time I really would like you to come back on tomorrow’s show.

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