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Sid: My guest by way of telephone at his home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey is Robert Inguanzo. Robert was a drug addict instantly set free, no desire whatsoever. He went to bed one night and the next morning totally sovereignly set free. He gets married, he has a baby his wife is pregnant with the second baby, happiest man on earth. Goes in for a simple minor surgery takes a blood test finds out that he’s HIV positive, he doesn’t even believe it’s true because here he’s preaching the gospel, sharing his testimony, he’s been set free from drugs, his wife is a pastor’s daughter they love the Lord. What happened next Robert?

Robert: Well when they told me I was infected with the virus that causes AIDS I didn’t believe it at all so what I did was I went to another doctor. I went total to 4 different places to get tested and they all told me the same thing that I was infected and that I had to get my wife tested and my daughter because you know most likely 99% sure they would also be infected. And I remember I would get into my…

Sid: Excuse me did they indicate the 99% that they would be infected where did you get that in your head from?

Robert: No from them they said you know that most likely.

Sid: Huh.

Robert: Of course you know we had a normal life my wife and I and we were married…

Sid: So now you think that your whole family’s got a death sentence.

Robert: Exactly.

Sid: Hm.

Robert: Well I didn’t understand I’m thinking to myself Lord I’m saying to God “How can you permit this why didn’t you tell me this before why didn’t you let me find out before? Here I am my wife is going to die, my daughter, my unborn is going to die. I mean it got to a point Sid where I actually doubted God I was questioning Him so much I didn’t understand why He would permit all of this. Finally we went and we got a blood test and I give God all of the praise that my wife was negative, my daughter was negative which meant that my unborn daughter was also negative. And that to me was a such a…such a miracle you know.

Sid: Yes but it’s a miracle now that your family doesn’t have a death sentence but what about you Robert?

Robert: Right the problem was me, so what I did I went to a special doctor a special disease doctor and they started checking me to see how my immune system was and how my viral load was. And my viral load was very high, high viral load is 5000 it got to a point awhile after that a couple of years after that it went up to 500,000. And when that happens your open to any kind of disease.

Sid: You whole immune system is shot.

Robert: Exactly, exactly and I remember the first thing I got I started coughing one day and went a few days and coughing more and I couldn’t stop coughing. And finally my pastor’s wife tells me “Listen you’ve got to go to the hospital if it’s nothing you’ll be relaxed meanwhile here you are you’re all worried let’s go to the hospital let’s go to the emergency room and you’ll know it might be nothing.”

Sid: Yeah it might be a lot of people with HIV get tuberculosis.

Robert: That’s what I was afraid of and when I got there that’s what they told me I had tuberculosis.

Sid: Hm.

Robert: And after that I started getting this terrible itch all over my body they said that it was some called Yosophilic Folliculitis and there was no cure for that. And Sid that was horrible I remember I was…I had to be scratching all day and even at night I used to wake up in the morning and the sheets on my bed sometimes was stained with blood because even while I was sleeping I would be scratching myself. After that I started getting headaches and they had to do a spinal tap. When they did the spinal tap they found out I had something called cryptococcal meningitis and I had to be on this treatment with this very toxic medication called Amphotericin B.

Sid: Sometimes the medications cause bigger problems than what they’re trying to solve.

Robert: Right, right, right. And it was 21 days I had to be in the hospital, it was a very strong medication and after the 21 days they did an MRI and a CATSCAN and all of that. They found out that because of the medication I had a scar in my brain. The medication left a scar on my brain. After that I was in church I was doing something in church and I remember was the last thing I remember was I held my head and I remember I said “I don’t feel good.” And I just passed out and when they took me to the hospital they told me I had a seizure. Every time I would like bend down one day I remember I was in the hospital in the morning and I’m washing my face and I dropped the towel and when I go to pick it up you know you bend down and the blood rushed to my head and I had another seizure in the bathroom. And I remember crying out to the Lord and saying “Lord I don’t want to die in the bathroom of a hospital” and I’m shaking and shaking and I had no control of my hands or anything I just passed out. And some how I ended up outside of the bathroom and when I came to there were all nurses all around me and trying to inject me with Dilantin. And I went home and I went home and one day in the morning I remember also I’m opening the medication and then I spilled the bottle and I bend down again to pick up the medication and I have another seizure. And one thing that I didn’t want was that my daughter to see me having a seizure. So I remember I rushed and through myself on the sofa because they were upstairs in the bedroom, and I went through the seizure alone for about ½ hour. But I had many seizures after that and I remember that when I would have the seizure I wouldn’t be able to talk or I had no control of arms or anything my whole body would get numb, but that Sid that’s when I felt the closest to the Lord. I remember the Lord would reveal Himself to me in so many different ways. That’s when he taught me how to pray for example I always asked the Lord “Lord how can somebody pray like the Apostle Paul says “Praying without ceasing.” You know I always ever since I read that I always wanted to know how to pray I mean that’s like praying 24 hours a day. And the Lord showed me 3 different ways to pray 3 different levels. The first level is praying in English, or whatever language, human language. The second level He showed me was tongues you know and the third level is the prayer of silence the prayer where you don’t speak it’s like your spirit communicating with the Lord. When I would have a seizure I wouldn’t be able to talk or anything He showed me how to communicate with the Holy Spirit with my Spirit. And Sid it was so beautiful it was so beautiful…

Sid: Out of curiosity while all of this was going on did you try alternative medicine?

Robert: Oh yes oh yes I tried so many different things. I remember I went to New York I found out about this doctor from Switzerland. He would give me all of these vitamin drips, I would go three times a week to get these vitamins drips. After that I also went to a guy that he was a doctor but his license suspended and I went to all of these ozone injections where they would take blood out of my arm, they would put it into a bottle and then they would inject the bottle the blood in the bottle with ozone. Ozone is O3 and then they would shoot it back into my arm and that would clean my body out of any infection or anything. And I would also take ozone baths Sid I would do anything, anything because I didn’t want to die for my family that’s what I kept thinking. But my immune system wouldn’t get any stronger even though I felt alright my immune system wouldn’t get any stronger. Until one day they told me about this other medication that came from Germany somewhere in Germany and it was very expensive over there in Germany it was $200 by the time it got to me it was $2,500 because they had to smuggle it in and they had to pay somebody extra and this and that so it was very expensive, but it started to work. They would shoot it into my veins and it started to work. Every month my immune system would triple and so it got to a point where it was back to normal and I was so happy and I kept telling everybody “See I did it, I did it.” That’s very dangerous when you take the credit for something like that. And I remember one day when I go back to get another shot I noticed that there was a bunch of different cars there and I said “Why because you get to know whose there and all of that.” And I see when I knock on the door I see that there’s all of these cops inside and I asked what happened, what happened and they said the man was arrested and they took all of his machinery he had, all of the medications and all of that and it was like my heart just dropped because I knew that this was my last chance to get well and my whole life just dropped and I came home I was so sad. And I told my wife “Listen that’s it I’m not going to try anything else whatever God wants if I’m going to die that’s it I can’t take it anymore.”

Sid: Well what was going on with your body then?

Robert: Well when I was taking the medication…

Sid: No no after you stopped?

Robert: Oh after I stopped that’s when I really started getting sick that’s when I got something called toxoplasmosis, which is a parasite that will eat your brain up. And…

Sid: I mean it’s gone from bad to worse hold that thought we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast….

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