Sid: If I have ever met a man that is red hot for the Messiah I have him opposite me right now. I have him in the studio he’s name is David Piper from Tifton, Georgia. For 17 years a crack addict, 17 years how many years probation did they give you David?

David: Thirty-eight years.

Sid: What for?

David: Well because of all of the crimes I committed during this crack addiction; forgery against my grandma’s checking account, possession of cocaine with attempt to distribute, 12 felonies in the first degree with burglary it’s all related to the drug addiction.

Sid: And Mishpochah he went to a Benny Hinn meeting; Benny singled him out and you said this on yesterday’s broadcast David but I enjoy hearing it so much I’m going to ask you again. When Benny prayed for you what did he say and describe graphically what happened to you?

David: He pointed his finger at me and as a soldier marching towards me and he said “Father anoint him!” Just of course I can’t say it with the boldness he did that day but…

Sid: (Laughing)

David: But it felt as this liquid fire just went down my throat like a volcanic eruption inside of me exploded and from the inside out everything I could feel was being burned out of me. All of the drug addictions, even the memory of it, my system was being supernaturally clean out by God. And I went that service that morning a brand new creature.

Sid: And what about your brain I mean I have not been a drug addict praise God but doesn’t it do something to destroy your brain?

David: Yeah it destroys your memory and I guess the memory functions and all of those things the chemical imbalances that take place but God had totally restored everything. I mean I left there that morning with not even the memory of my past. I couldn’t even tell you what the drug taste like or smelled like now it’s totally gone every bit of it 100% of it gone.

Sid: Had you ever gone to things like AA and gotten any help from those things?

David: I had went for years been in almost every treatment center in Georgia that would take me.

Sid: You were in a mental hospital.

David: A mental hospital Southwestern Mental Hospital in Taylorsville, Georgia. I tried everything that man had for me and exhausted all of my efforts even the insurance companies would not carry me any more because you know my frequency to go back to these mental hospitals I could get no insurance for that. I had really come to the point where the state was having to pay for this stuff it was because I was broke and didn’t have any money and had exhausted everything. And when I went to Jesus He is the answer.

Sid: Now have you prayed for people that have had drug addiction of addictions of other kinds and they’ve been set free.

David: Oh there’s many testimonies.

Sid: I mean just like you though.

David: Just like me instantly just like me. God began to use me in a jail ministry in Tifton, Georgia and for 8 months I would go to the jail twice a week and I would watch as the same anointing that touched my life begin to touch the lives of these inmates and their family members would even call me on the phone at work and they would say things like “Who are you?” and I would be like “Well, who are you?” you know and they would say who are you my son or my daughter are different now well I mean they just got out of jail and now they’re different and something happened to them when you came and visited the,. And I began to tell them “Well it’s the presence of Jesus and we serve a God with a yoke of destroying anointing that destroyed the yoke completely.” And the mothers would cry with me over the phone and I ended up leading them to Jesus. So not only the inmates were being touched but even the families at home were getting saved.

Sid: We went out and had some Chinese food before the broadcast and I witness to everyone breathing but I notice that you do too. Why is it so important to tell people about Jesus? Why?

David: Because I believe…

Sid: Why do you believe this?

David: Because I believe the heart of God today is on the lost and it always has been He sent His Son to die for us at Calvary His Son Jesus. God did not create hell for people it was created for the devil and his angels and he wants us to wake up and grow up and start doing what we’re called to do. Tell the world about Jesus Christ.

Sid: Now you really blew me out of the water when you told me about a visitation you had recently in your house.

David: Oh just a couple of days ago I was… I walked into my apartment my wife had left and gone to Atlanta and I was there by myself and I went home to get ready for my sermon I was preaching it was Friday afternoon this past Friday. I went to get prepared for the sermon and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that there was someone in the room and I turned my head and for a split it seemed to be just a few seconds I saw an angel standing there with it appeared to have body parts in his hands. And I saw and instantly he disappeared and the Lord spoke to me and said He’s sending angels to the earth that have missing body parts for God’s people.

Sid: And you really believe that?

David: I really believe with everything within me I know I’m not crazy I saw that.

Sid: What is going to happen next? Okay we see people with body parts you’re talking about someone without a leg…

David: I believe that we’re going to see people come to the services who have had their legs amputated or arms amputated or missing eyeballs and all of a sudden in the middle of the services God’s going to supernaturally grow legs back, grow arms back, give eyeballs back to them. I believe that we’re already see new kidney’s come where there were no kidneys, we’re already seeing creative miracles but God’s about to expand that miracle working power in the church. Because when he brought the children of Israel out of Egypt the Bible declares clearly there was no tone feeble among them. And God has not changed. Hallelujah!

Sid: And just from the beginning the get-go after what was it 17 years of crack addiction you started seeing miracles? How fast?

David: Immediately. Listen God wants to take us and use us to minister to people who are going through what he just brought us through. What He’s looking for is to let…just begin to make ourself available as yielded instruments in His hands even wants to use us to minister healing for people that are going through what we just came through. You know there’s no…listen God can take someone and deliver them, heal them, save them today and use them tomorrow. Why? Because He’s God.

Sid: Consider yourself challenged you or I who have been believers for 15, 20 25, 30 years. David I was just last night at a service that you were at and someone… what they had a stroke, I talked to this man that his whole side was paralyzed.

David: His hearing doctors had snipped the nerve in his face during a surgery procedure and caused his face to go numb and he couldn’t feel his ear or his face. And I had a word of knowledge that someone in the service had had a nerve clipped behind their ear. And he raised his hand he came out and when I agreed in prayer with him immediately the feeling came back into his face. That tells me that God’s supernaturally grew that nerve back together.

Sid: How about blind people? Tell me one blind person.

David: Oh I was in Toccoa, Georgia in January at Faith Memorial Church Toccoa, Georgia Pastor Bob Westcott. A young land 25 years old came to the service names Leah she came to the service I gave an altar call she came down with all of the people and accepted Jesus as her Savior and right after the altar call I was trying to get the people who had just got saved to look at me because I wanted to tell them to read the Bible and pray and get in a good church and stay away from people that are in the wrong environment and different things and she would not look at me. And I said “Why would she not look at me?” And she said “She cannot see you.” And I said “Leah.” They turned her head towards me I said “The Jesus that just saved you is just as obligated to heal you.” I said “Not only is He your Savior He also is your healer.” And we began to pray for her and instantly God opened her eyes. She began to see everything I mean the whole place erupted in praise. My faith level went through the roof I got to tell you Sid that’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I held my fingers up and I said “How many finger do I got?” She looked and she counted them and she said “Two.” And I said follow me and I took off and she took off after me. The next day she came back to church that night and she told everybody that she had went to Walmart all by herself without her any assistance and walked all over the store and was able to look and read all of the prices at Walmart.

Sid: Could she have done that by herself…could she have gone by herself even?

David: Talking to the people who cared for her and knew her who picked her up said “It was impossible” they said that they knew that the girl could not see before.

Sid: What about cancer?

David: Cancers I’ve seen very…I’ve just documented healing after healing where people come dying with cancer being given a terminal death wish by doctors and bad reports and Jesus Himself has showed up and touched those people and cancers just disappear. They go back to the doctor get checked out and there’s no sign of cancer it’s totally gone.

Sid: Okay left field Israel what do you see going on in Israel?

David: I see great revivals coming to Israel. I believe God’s about to bring revival to Israel. I believe that Israel could be the very place. I believe I hear God telling me right now that “Israel will be the very place where creative miracles begin to happen. It’ll be one of the first places where you’ll see limbs grow back. I hear the Lord tell me He’s going to begin with His people like He always has and that revival will spread throughout the rest of the world.

Sid: Well I’m reminded the scripture says “The word of the Lord will go forth from Zion.”

David: Oh hallelujah! I feel the anointing in this room now Jesus!

Sid: (Laughing)

David: Praise God!

Sid: David by the way Mishpochah I feel the presence of God too. And in His presence all things are possible. I’ll tell you David I know that this week you’re going to and you flow in words of knowledge. Tell me a quick word of knowledge that you had and what’s happened.

David: As far as in my services?

Sid: Yeah anywhere.

David: Anywhere well recently the Lord gave me Words of knowledge in Toccoa, Georgia. It began to operate so clearly the same service that Leah that her eyes were opened I began to have a word of knowledge that I began to call out by the help of the Lord every sick person in that place I began calling out sickness. Somethings I never even heard of I had a hard time pronouncing them; they were coming to my head and I was calling them out and by the time I got though the church was almost standing at the front of the building and God began to heal everyone of them right there down the line. A lady with cataracts who was scheduled for surgery this is documented now complete miracle. The cataract disappeared off of her eyes and she began to read out of her Dakes Bible the little print without glasses. A little girl who had hole in her eardrum she testified that the hole she could not hear tightened up and then an explosion inside of her ear and immediately she began to hear everything. And then one lady came you got to hear this neck brace, arm all in a sling, could not hardly walk walking around. I mean just really in pain wrenched in pain and all of this had some accident. Immediately the power of God touched her leg the neck brace came off, the arm thing came off she began to run all over the church completely healed. We had a service that almost everyone there was healed.

Sid: David we’re out of time hold it….

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