SID: So the doctor says, “Randy, you can’t fly anymore.” I mean, you must have felt awful when he gave you that prognosis.

RANDY: Yeah, he said, “You should never get on another airplane.” He said, “You have this because you’ve done a lot of long international flights.” I said, “Yes, how did you know?” He said, “Because you have classic travelers back. You don’t have a curve on the bottom.” So after 90 days I still can’t touch my foot to the floor without severe pain. And the way I got healed was a man in Louisiana, an oil and gas businessman, had a vision in a little church of me, sees my spine and all the vertebrae, and discs and nerves, and the Lord speaks to him and says, “Push this stuff, it squirted out, pushed it back in.”

SID: He’s not in your presence.

RANDY: No, he’s a thousand miles away.

SID: Okay.

RANDY: And he did this that night. I woke up the next morning not knowing a thing about this, reached for my crutches, touched my foot to the floor accidentally. It didn’t hurt. Got up and walked, but it didn’t hurt. Went up and down the stairs, didn’t hurt. I yelled to my wife, “I’ve been healed, but I don’t know how!” I knew who did it, but I didn’t know how he did it. I knew it was the Lord. So this guy then, five hours later, sends me this email about this bizarre experience he had. I called him instantly and said, “This was really the Lord. I am healed.” And so he did it to me and I have flown a million miles since then.

SID: The proof is in the pudding. I know because he told me, I know by the Spirit, during the break, I know that God has given him words of knowledge and every word that he speaks, if it is your condition, you are healed in Yeshua’s name, in Jesus’ name. Would you release it now?

RANDY: Yeah. Someone is having arthritic pain or something is wrong with the knuckles, middle knuckles in your left hand. I know it’s the Lord’s will to heal you. And he’s showing us what he wants to do. It’s kind of like he said to the disciple, “Go and tell blind Bartimaeus, be encouraged on your feet.” He’s calling you. So he’s calling you. Be encouraged. Receive what he has for you. And then on the outside of the left foot, the left ankle, the outside left ankle, something is wrong with it. God wants to heal it. And then there’s the shoulder, collarbone on the left side and the right elbow here, and also there’s metal in the right ankle. You have something wrong with your ankle. You got metal in there. You got problems in there. God wants to heal that. And there’s somebody, either you’re going to have to have surgery or you had surgery. I heard the word “surgery”. I don’t know how to interpret it though, surgery. But it deals with the tailbone. So I don’t know if you’re facing it or you’ve had it and had complications. So I want to pray for these things. Father, first of all, I just want to say thank you for what you’re about to do, the Hebrew word “todah” is this word, it means praise for what’s about to happen. So I offer up todah, praise for what you’re about to do, healing of the left ankle, healing of the left collarbone, healing of the right elbow, healing of the right ankle with problems related to metal and healing of that tailbone. In Jesus’ name I thank you for what you’re about to do and I just speak to the pain. I command the pain to leave and Father, I don’t know how you do this, but I just thank you for the miracles you’re doing with metal. People watching that have metal in their bodies we pray many of them would experience your power. Lord, I know that even 90-some-odd percent I studied I, felt the healing of the metal, felt heat come into their bodies. I pray that supernatural heat flow into their body in Jesus’ name. Help them to understand it’s a sign that their healing coming right now in this next just few moments. In the name of Jesus we bless them. Amen.

SID: Randy, there is such a flow of God’s spirit right now that without a word of knowledge, and you know this and I know this, and now you know this, without a word of knowledge I tell you rise up right now no matter what is the matter with you and believe that you are walking into that invisible presence of God and wherever that river flows there is life, and the river of healing is flowing. Backs are being healed right now, necks, cancer, anything you need, just get into the river. Jump in. Just do a little swimming like this. Swim in that river. It’s so refreshing. Be refreshed in the river of the living God. In Yeshua’s name be healed.

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