SID: Sid Roth here with Shira Sorko-Ram. Shira, you tell me based on your research that American universities are opening their doors to the Islamic agenda. It’s so hard for me to believe. What are they doing in the universities?

SHIRA: Well here’s an example. I saw a video where a pro-Israeli activist got a flag of ISIS and just put it around him, and walked down the steps of one of the California universities, and as he did, the guys and girls going by, they’d say, oh hi, bro, hi. There was nothing against the ISIS flag. And then a few minutes later, he put an Israeli flag against him and he began to get spit at and yelled at, and cursed at. That’s what’s going on in the universities. You see, that’s a target, the universities, they know that in a few years the graduates of these big universities, they’re going to be in Congress, they’re going to be in government. They’re going to be the people who make the decisions for America and so they have really, really targeted.

SID: As a matter of fact I read in the newspaper just yesterday that there’s an ISIS group right outside of Texas in Mexico training to invade the United States and they’re going to let the Mafia type people in Mexico are escorting them into the United States. You told me about the sexual exploitation of ISIS, which is, what is the big attraction of ISIS to these young men? Tell me briefly.

SHIRA: Well in the biographies of Mohammed, he and, he gives instructions to his followers to go out and conquer, conquer land, conquer peoples for Islam. And when you conquer them all the possessions are yours and the men you kill, if they’re heathen, and you can actually rape the wives in front of the men before you kill them, it’s right there. It’s in his instructions.

SID: Now I never heard this in the American press.

SHIRA: No you haven’t.

SID: But where we are right at this moment.

SHIRA: Yeah.

SID: Is Islam winning?

SHIRA: It is winning in that it is increasing at a very rapid pace in America. And because the press as squashed it, nothing about it in the press, because the universities are growing in influence and because of the White House now accepting many advisors from the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s growing. It’s growing very fast and I think, you know, even in these little towns, my son-in-law was in Alabama in a small town. There was a huge, huge center, Muslim center, and he was saying, what could such a big center be for a such a little town? But they’re going up. They’re building all over the United States putting their footprint all over the U.S. and they plan to take over. They really do. I just finished an article on the Shiite belief of the Mahdi, M-A-H-D-I, Mahdi.

SID: This is their version of their Messiah.

SHIRA: The Messiah.

SID: Yeah.

SHIRA: And they are working, Iran today, that is their central focus is to bring the Mahdi back. The Mahdi is going to come when there’s war and when people are really out there with the sword and jihad, and killing the Christians, and killing the rest of the heathen. Then the Mahdi is going to come.

SID: So that may be why they’re pushing so hard to get nuclear bombs.

SHIRA: Oh I believe it. I believe it. Now when the Mahdi comes back, according to the Shiites, Jesus is also going to come back. He’s going to be the Mahdi’s assistant.

SID: Oh that’s nonsense.

SHIRA: And he’s going to be a prophet, and he’s going to come and explain how what people believed about him before as the son of God is a lie. It’s not true. And he’s going to help the Mahdi convert the whole world to Islam. That is the Shiite belief. That’s what’s going on.

SID: Why do you say Israel is the key to understanding the End Times?

SHIRA: Right. Because I have seen from my lifetime when a Christian leader or just layman doesn’t understand God’s plan for Israel, they don’t understand the importance of Israel. They don’t understand that Allah is not God. How do we know? Because God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God is the God of Israel. So if we leave all that out, well we’re open to, well Allah, maybe it’s the same god. See? But Allah hates Israel. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob loves Israel. They’re not the same God. So unless people are tuned into what the Bible says about Israel, Old Testament, New Testament, it says, it says in Romans 11 that, “The day is going to come when Israel returns to God and it’s going to be like life from the death for the whole world.” So Israel has to come to salvation at the same time the great outpouring of God upon the world.

SID: I got news for you. We serve the Living God. I want to concentrate on the good news, and the good news is he’s coming back soon. He loves you and if you take a little step towards him he’s going to run and he’s going to put his arm around you, and you’re going to experience true love, not Hollywood love, but you’re going to experience true love. Just tell God you’re sorry, that’s a good start, for the mistakes you’ve made and say, Yeshua become real to me. Say it with your mouth, I make you the Lord of my life. Come inside. Help me understand you. Read your Bible, and come on, join the happiest people on Earth. Yeshua, Jesus, the King of the Jews. Get with it. Get a little excited for the only thing worth being excited, Jesus.

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