SID: Extreme favor. When you understand all the principles of the Hiram Code, we were just talking about one. We talked about two. We talked about revival. We talked about extreme, extreme favor for you and your house. Tell me about that young pastor.

RON: Yes. Eric Clark down in the Hilton Head area, not too far from here, Eric, a pastor, had been through a lot of struggles, came to a conference at our church about five years ago. A prophetic word was released into him by one of our speakers and he went back to Hilton Head and started a church, was meeting at a rental property. And my son went over, they’re friends, and called me up and said, “Dad you need to come over. I just think you need to come over and speak to these people and close this meeting out.” So I went over and closed the meeting on a Wednesday night. And when I got up to speak I said, “You will not stay in this rental property.” It just kind of came out of my mouth, you know, by the Holy Spirit and prompting of angels. So we had this tremendous meeting that night. And so a few, a couple of months later Pastor Eric called me and he said, “Pastor Ron,” he said, “What do I need to do? You told us we’d be blessed,” just like he asked me. “How am I going to get blessed?” I said, “Well let me ask you a question. Are you supporting Israel in any way?” And he said, “I believe in it, but no, tangibly, no we haven’t.” He said, “How can I do that?” I said, “Well if you want to you can send it in the sum of the works that are going on in Israel.” And so he sent $150 each month. Now that’s a small church start. One day I get, my son calls me and said, “Dad, you’ve got to come in here. Eric’s on the phone.” And a man walked in there, the son of a minister whose dad had built a church and then passed away. The church had ceased operating, multiple acres, finished buildings, two to three million dollars in property and threw the keys up on his desk it said, “We owe $400,000. If you’ll take up the payments you can have it.” And the payments were less than his rent, his rental property. And this happened in less than six months, a complete turnaround of his ministry just like that.

SID: How about you? How has it affected you? You’ve lived your life this way.

RON: When I really began to connect and not only mentally and in teaching, but really began to sow into that, we made trips over there, not just tourist trips, but begin to love Israel and support it, God has brought me, I have no debt. All of my children are Christians serving the Lord. My son has now just finished is doctorate and came out of the secular world ten years ago, called and is now really doing the day-to-day operations of the church, giving us a legacy. My daughter in Knoxville is on staff at the Fellowship Church there and very active in that great church.

SID: You tell me about these pastors that have been blessed.

RON: Yes.

SID: I keep hearing about pastors. But Ron tells me he’s been teaching this these principles to his congregation. Tell me, does it work with the average person as much as with someone in ministry?

RON: It does. This is essential as understanding the principle of the tithe in Malachi where God said, “I will open up the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing.” That revelation comes through, you know, the Jewish people to us. And I have, one of my dearest friends is a contractor. I wouldn’t call his name, but he was building houses and then when he got, really got into sowing and connecting with our work there in the church, not only in Israel, but everywhere, he now builds mostly million-dollar facilities. His family is in the business with him, tremendously blessed. But I’ve seen people, we’ve had, I’ve got a guy that was in a lower level in his business in his career and got promoted over two or three people that were older than him. And they are, there are so many examples.

SID: You talk about, I wish we had more time, you talk about something I’ve never heard people teach on, The Key of Isaac. Briefly.

RON: Yes, quickly. Well you know, the Bible says of Isaac that he sowed in a famine. Just like our time when we feel like, especially middle class and lower middle class people seem to, even social security was reduced for the first time this year for people. They seem to be having a difficult time to be in a season of shortage. This was the moment when Isaac sowed in Gerar and got a hundredfold increase when he did. And Isaac is the son of promise. And I really believe when biblical time comes we’ve got to be willing to sow into a ministry. And at the risk of, it’s not always, we give alms, you know, people want to give to the poor. But God says, “I will repay you for that one on one.” But seed sowing is when someone sows into your ministry, which is good ground. That’s where the hundredfold increase, when they’re living in a difficult situation and they’re willing. I don’t believe God will ever ask you to give something you don’t have. I’m not one of those. But if you can, you sow a seed during a season of difficulty in your own life into a fruitful ministry that’s where the multiplication comes into our lives of God’s favor.

SID: I believe that if you pray for those watching right now to get in alignment and to start operating in extreme favor that things are going to change in their life right now.

RON: Father, right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth may our words be turned into fire and oil of anointing, fresh oil and new wine going out. Right now, Lord, would you release miracle favor right now. Lord, with those who are receiving this program right now, not just receive knowledge, but Lord, would they receive anointing and favor, and promotion. And Lord, let them learn what it is to have an Isaac anointing and sow seed in the ministries that bear good ground, good fruit and good ground. And Lord, I pray for those who get into proper alignment, help them, Lord, to come out of a doctrine that doesn’t support Israel. Help them to be in ministries and support ministries that support Israel like this one. And Lord, I pray that blessing and favor will be released, not ten years from now, but in a matter of days and weeks, and begin to see the turnaround. And some will know a miracle, Lord, even today. In the name of Jesus Christ we lift that. And Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem and we pray for the salvation of Jew and gentile in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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