Sid: I’m speaking to a friend of mine in Sherman Oaks, California Don Paul. He’s Prophetic Prayer Ministry for Hollywood and Don I want to take you back when you were a child.  Is it true that you tried to walk on water?

Don: (Laughing) Well Sid I’ll tell you every since I was a little boy I always had a heart for the things of God and the different supernatural stories that I heard. And we had gone to church I think it was a Lutheran Church when I was a little boy and they always told us to be like Jesus.  So I believed I went home and I tried to walk on my back swimming pool water several times and I kept thinking “I don’t have enough faith I don’t have enough faith.” And yes it is true (Laughing) that as a little boy I was trying to be like Jesus.  Unfortunately I obviously did not walk on water.

Sid: But you were actually even as a young child you could see the hypocrisy and began really to get turned off from religion.

Don: Yeah I mean I had gone to Bible School I’m watching people and they say that they want to be like Jesus and they pray for people and nobody got healed and then they gossip behind each other’s back and argue fight.  And I remember as a little boy I walked out of there and I just looked up to the heavens and said “God I believe You did all of those things but I don’t think these people at this church really know You and therefore if they don’t really know You then how are they going to teach me or help me to find You?”  And I said “Therefore Your going to have to teach me or Your going to have to talk to me or communicate with me somehow because I really want to know You I’m not so interested in someone’s idea of religion or their idea of You.”

Sid: Now when you were 12 the devil tried to snuff you out what happened?

Don: Oh yeah that was funny I was out on a family outing and at that time we were up in Oregon and there was an island I think it was on the Willamette River and it was about a mile across the river was and I started playing on the downstream side of the island and there’s nobody around because I walked around the beach where there was nobody and I walked out on what’s called the sandbar and that’s really were the sands really built up and it’s really underneath the water but you can walk quite a way out. I kept walking out and it would go down and it would go up and go down and eventually it did go down and didn’t come up and I noticed the water got quite a big colder. When I didn’t turn around and tried to swim back toward the shore I was about a quarter mile downstream with the current taking me all the way to the way down which the closest was probably a half mile to either side of me. And I’m a little boy skin and bones I don’t flat very good and I started swimming upstream and continued trying to swimming upstream up to the island didn’t make any headway no matter how hard I swam nobody in sight, waves dept trying to knock me over and the last time I figured that was it I was exhausted I was probably going to down at that point. And I remember I prayed do you remember when Moses came to the children to Pharaoh and said “Hey let my people go or else this plague is going to happen.  Well it’s kind of been my Moses I think we all go through it where we go “Oh God if You just get me out of this one if you just get rid of the flies I’ll follow you this time.”  And sure enough I said “God if You just get me out of this one I’ll really be good this time and I’ll really get straight and I came up from underneath the water because I thought this was my last time up. And there was a man on the beach and he was out of nowhere with an air mattress.  And I said “Hey can you help me I can’t get it and he immediately swam out and we held on to the air mattress and within seconds we were at the beach. Well what’s interesting I said “Thank you turned and walked and then I looked and I thought “Wait a second I’ve been trying to swim upstream for (Laughing) a half hour couldn’t do it and instantly when he came up and got me we swam upstream with no problem at all and I thought “That’s weird I turned around and looked and he had vanished.”

Sid: What do mean he had vanished?

Don: I’m telling you that if he would have run as fast as he could have anywhere to hide out of view he still didn’t have enough time because I needed to say goodbye and turned and turned again and he was completely gone.

Sid: Do you think he could have been an angel?

Don: Well I will tell you years later when I was getting very serious with God and get very close with God the Lord during a long fast revealed to me that that was an angel and I thought that was very special it really touched my heart.

Sid: You know Don I think many many servants of God that have been used by God there’s a similar pattern of the devil trying to snuff their life out at an early age and God sparing them. You move in the prophetic realm where you see things in the Spirit.  What types of things do you see for it’s been for many years now?

Don: Sid can I would you hold that question for just a second?

Sid: Sure.

Don: You just said something and I really felt stirred by the Spirit of God there are different…let me just shard this real quick about trying to be snuffed out.  I really feel that this is for somebody out there.  I was almost aborted as a child and that came very heavily against my mom to do that. My mom at the very last minute she was being counseled and so at the last minute she said “No” and she had me even though I did not have a father did not make sense she went ahead and had me and dedicated me to the Lord.  This is very special because God’s touching somebody out there right now He’s touching somebody and saying if you will keep that child if you will child I will honor you and I will raise that child up and I will use that child significantly says the Spirit of the Lord. And I say that very powerfully because the devil is trying to kill the kids that God is bringing forth to really make a difference in this planet and this generation. And this is so important and I want to share one other thing rejection a lot of times if you have a prophetic ministry a prophets ministry you will go through a lot of rejection from the time you were a kid family parents everything.  Part of it is a twofold thing l. it’s the call on your life and literally the devil hiding and people are constantly are attacking you. That’s one of the things but the other side of it God allows it because the prophet has to be tempered so that when God says to bring something forth he’s not going to be swayed by the kindness of men and things that he will actually be accountable to bring things that God wants. So I just want to share because I felt that there was some young people and they don’t really understand that and God understands God understands you.  God loves you and God understands you and that’s the best relationship because when that relationship is in intact the whole world could change all perceptions can change because He is so high up that man cannot even understand.  When you pray and you and God come into a place the whole territory can change the whole atmosphere at school can change. It has to do with the depth that you personally enter into God not the depth the power that everybody around you enters in but God is saying you…I’m talking to someone right now. God is saying you are significant you are very important to Me and I thank You Lord God for that power that goes forth disburses the darkness and the rebellion and the witchcraft from around that person in the name of Jesus Christ and I give You praise for that.  I’m sorry Sid I felt that real stirred up.

Sid: Oh don’t be sorry you’re doing what should be natural on this show. And the person that you’re talking to I pray that the Spirit of God would witness to your spirit in a very significant way.  You literally would feel a tangible presence of the Living God.  Don Paul one of the gifts that God operates through you is through discernment. You literally can sense or see actually you see things in the spirit realm you see angels you see the demons you see what demons are controlling people.  Tell me what you see.

Don: You know that’s so funny in the Bible because see God is the same yesterday, today and forever and unfortunately…well in the Bible one of the gifts of a prophet they call them a seer.  Because God says “I never do anything but I first show my prophets.”  Well that means they have to see it and unfortunately sometimes when we get into I’m not coming against religious systems at all because we need to teach God we need to teach the word. But as leaders as I’m speaking to leaders we need to not poo poo gifts in young people that we ourselves don’t have or don’t understand. And sometimes what can happen I can maybe a leader in a church and I can have young people under me and no they’re not ready to be released yet but sometimes they’ve got a call that I might not understand. And I myself Sid have to really recognize to not poo poo what God’s doing there God I’m not really quite receiving this but again it’s your kid so again let me add to what You’re doing and not hinder. Because if You’re raising somebody up powerfully more powerful than mine I want to add to that I don’t want to move in jealousness and crush under my level of revelation. And I have to be very very careful of that.  Because one of the reasons God shows me stuff Sid is because I was so stinking stubborn and I wouldn’t believe the supernatural stuff.  I was an intellect still am Computer Science you know Computer Design and Computer Sciences, film productions, music, songwriting, script writing, several inventions on the market. I mean I’m very intellectual and I had a real problem with stuff that I could not see. So at one point even when I got baptized some people might be familiar with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and one of the gifts is the gift of tongues.  And I could remember after I got baptized and I got the gift of tongues I’m taking a shower one day and I’m saying to the Lord “God give me a break this tongue stuff is really uga buga I should have bought a Honda come on. Now look now I lay me down to sleep Cub Scout’s honor be a good little Christian.” I didn’t have any idea of the depth of the realm that I had just entered into.  And what was happening I’m taking a shower and the Lord says nothing to me. I get out of the shower and all of a sudden I see standing right in front of me this very fat little ugly demon. And the Lord says to me “Don this is what you have living in your home in fact it’s been here for a long time.”  He said “Now you can take a baseball bat to it if you want it’s going to go nowhere it’s a spirit.  Now it is what is keeping you from praying and telling you these ideas to not pray in the Holy Ghost He said you can either let it live here or you can use the weapons I gave you.”  And I looked at that thing and I went (Prayer language) get out of here in the name of Jesus and that demon left.  I started praying after that and I’d say “In Jesus name heal them.”  And I’d start praying in tongues and man my hand would heat up hot and they got healed they got healed of cancer they got healed of you know phenomena I mean I could just go through the list.

Sid: Why do demons hate praying in tongues so much?

Don: Ah because they don’t understand it and it’s the power of God. See here’s what and I don’t know if a lot of people understand it Paul said it very clearly.  He said “When we pray in the Spirit God is making intercession through us.”  And I finally figured out that maybe God knows a little bit more about the spirit realm and everything else than all of my computer sciences and my cunning invention intellect and I started yielding myself more to praying in the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Don we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.

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