SID: Now your wife, she didn’t need a dream or revelation. It was obvious there had been attacks in her generations on lives. Explain.


ROBERT: Well I was traveling, as I always do, and I had a very vivid dream where my wife was standing before me, but standing behind her was her aunt who has been dead, gone for about 20 years. And I knew in the dream that her aunt was a part of the crowd of witnesses that the Bible speaks of. And so no one was seeing her but me. But my wife was saying, “I’m getting stronger and stronger.” But her aunt standing behind her had her arms folded and shaking her head, communicating to me, “No, she’s getting weaker and weaker, and is going to die prematurely.” And I knew that there was a scheme of the devil that the devil was saying, I found a legal right to take your wife out prematurely. And so I knew I had to go into the Courts of Heaven and undo that right that he was saying before the courts I have. And so we did that and we broke that power of premature death. See, her mother died at 58 and her grandmother died at 40.


SID: So these curses give a legal right until you legally break them. Is this some mystical thing, I mean, where, when you go to the Court of Heaven, or is this just an act of your will?


ROBERT: It’s really an act of my faith. I say, Lord, I know you’re judge, and so I’m coming before your courts. And so what I do is I say this, Lord, I’m approaching you as judge and I’m asking for the courts to open. So I’m saying, Lord, would you just open the courts, and all of the sudden the atmosphere begins to change. And then when I go in—


SID: I heard you teaching on this and I felt the atmosphere change when you did this.


ROBERT: Yes, it does. It’s amazing.


SID: And I did it and the atmosphere changed.


ROBERT: Yes. Anybody can do it because God gives us access by the blood of Jesus into his place. And so I said, okay, Lord, let the courts open and I come.


SID: Are you fearful of this judge?


ROBERT: No, not in a terrifying sense or a tormenting sense.


SID: But you know, although you have reverence, I think the fix is on with the judge. I think the judge is his Father. What do you think?


ROBERT: That’s right. He’s looking for us to put faith in what Jesus did.


SID: Right.


ROBERT: And bring our case on the basis of that. And that gives him the right he needs to release verdicts in our behalf. And so I say, Lord, I’m just presenting my case. One of the things I do when I go, I say, Lord, I come before you according to Romans, Chapter 12, and I present myself as a living sacrifice. If there’s anything in me that needs to be dealt with, Lord, I humbly submit myself to you. And I may need to repent before him for just a few moments if I allow things in my life. But ultimately, I am allowed to stand there because of the righteousness of who he is, because it’s his righteousness that grants me access into that court.


SID: Can you win every time?


ROBERT: I can win every time.


SID: I like that.


ROBERT: I can win every time.


SID: Would you take the whole television audience, Internet audience and studio audience to Heaven and lead us in a prayer.


ROBERT: Absolutely. Okay, let’s do that.


SID: Would you like that, audience.


ROBERT: So Father, as we’re here before you, I just want to ask for your courts to open, Lord, right now. We come humbly before you and we acknowledge you as God the judge of all the earth. But we say let the courts open, and Lord, by faith now, even as I see the doors opening, Lord, we step into the courts and we come, many times I’ll see like a table that’s before the throne, and the throne usually, for me, it usually reaches very high. I see us before the throne at this table, and Lord, even as we’re here we just say if there’s anything in us that’s displeasing to you, would you just let your blood cleanse that right now. And Lord, even as we’re here I want to ask that any sin, transgression, or iniquitous thing in our past that the enemy is using to build a case against us, would you according to Colossians 2:14, “Would you cause every accusation against us that’s contrary to us be taken out of the way because of who you are and what you have done on the cross.” Lord, I’m just thanking you for doing that and let all that are watching right now, let every case against them I ask by the blood of Jesus be dismissed and be removed, and Lord, now let their request and their destiny be settled and secured, and become reality for them in Jesus’ name. I thank you for doing that. Amen.


SID: You know, Robert, it seems too simple. It really does.


ROBERT: It does. Yes, it really is. I mean, when you’re before the Lord and you have more time, you could say, Lord, it’s like you’re in a fellowship with him.


SID: But what if I don’t see Heaven, I don’t see a desk, I don’t see a courtroom, will it work just as good?


ROBERT: Yes, because for a long time I didn’t see anything and I was getting major results. It’s just that as I said, Lord, I want to see. I’ve heard and I’ve felt my entire spirit life, but Lord, I want to see. Would you just open that realm to me and would you let me see. And as I posture myself in faith, I become aware. But I didn’t have to have that. I could just move there by faith based on what I see in the Word of God.


SID: You said Moses is a great example of this. Explain briefly.


ROBERT: God said to Moses, get out of the way, I’ve had it with Israel. I’m going to wipe them out.


SID: I remember. I wouldn’t here if it wasn’t for Moshe Ebanu.


ROBERT: And Moses said to the Lord, “Lord, you can’t do that.” He said, “Your purpose is them, your reputation is them. If you destroy them you can bring them out, but you couldn’t bring them in.” And then he said, “You’re a covenant keeping God and you’ll be accused of not keeping your covenant and breaking your word.” So on a basis of three things Moses presented a case before the court.


SID: So just as Moses did this, we present a case before the court.


ROBERT: That’s right.


SID: Okay, go ahead.


ROBERT: So Moses’ case in the court was based on the purpose of God, not someone’s need. And I tell people, when you go into the courts we need to present cases as much as we can based on God’s purpose in the matter, not necessarily our need. We may come become before the Father and the friend on our knees, but when we’re in the court we will present a case based on God’s purposes, Lord, that your purpose is locked up in this person, in this child, in this situation.


SID: Give me an example, someone is a child that’s dying, what would you say?


ROBERT: I would say, Lord, this child has a destiny written in the Books of Heaven. If this child dies then your purpose in that child is going to be lost. So I’m asking you, Lord, please rise and render a verdict of this person’s healing, this person’s release from drug addiction, this person’s release from rebellion. Lord, let these powers be broken or else you’re going to lose your purpose in this child. That’s the way Moses approached God.


SID: I pray in the name that is above every name, Yeshua HaMashiach Tzidkenu, Jesus the Messiah our Righteousness, that you will fulfill your full destiny and that no curse will prosper in your life. Amen.



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