LARRY: Well welcome back to Something More. We’re going to do exactly what the show is all about right now, and I believe the Lord wants to give you a taste of something more, because here’s the deal: There’s always more of God. You don’t need to beg God to come, and say, God, send Your Spirit down from Heaven, because we’ve been talking about Pentecost. The power of Pentecost. the gift of Pentecost. has been released. If you know Jesus, if He is your Messiah and Lord, then you actually have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. And that’s great, but I believe the Lord wants you to experience the fullness of the Spirit. If you do not know Jesus as your Messiah, I actually believe as a result of the time we’re going to have right now, the Holy Spirit is going to come. And there’s no greater evangelist. there’s no greater communicator of Who Jesus is. than the Holy Spirit. So, Dr. Booker, a-as we just get ready to um help people experience the Holy Spirit in a greater way, could you address the audience? Can you address those who are watching, who might have questions, okay, how, if I want to experience God in a deeper way, because I am hungry? There’s so many people who are I’m hungry for more of God; what. what would you tell them? What would. what would their next step be?


RICHARD: Well, the next step of course is to get yourself in a place so God can come and meet with you. And so you, you know, you want to evaluate your motives, and why. why do you want more of God. Is it so you can have more of God, or something, you know, that’s selfish or whatever. But if you have a hunger and thirst after righteousness, here’s a promise

from God: they shall


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: be filled.




RICHARD: Hallelujah. So if you hunger and thirst after righteousness, I want to give you a

little heads-up here now, if you’re watching: God doesn’t reveal Himself to the casual enquirer.




RICHARD: But if you really want Him, He wants you more than you want Him.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: [laughing] Hallelujah!


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: And so God. if you’re hungry and thirsting, you just lift your heart.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Lift your voice, lift your hands to the Lord, and say, Lord, come with the Holy Spirit.




RICHARD: Come and fill me up…




RICHARD: with the Holy Spirit, and let me have this divine encounter, that can change…


LARRY: Yes, Lord.


RICHARD: my life, and. and. and put me into a place of Righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: If you do that in faith, God will be faithful and come, and meet with you; I promise you that.


LARRY: Yeah; yeah.


RICHARD: Hallelujah!


LARRY: Well this is just a time of ministry. I feel like…


RICHARD: Absolutely!


LARRY: just let’s flow with what God’s doing, because what we want you to experience is not just more information. I feel like we’ve shared the information. God wants you to know. I believe God wants to come and draw near to you right now. And I feel like one of the things that’s so important for you, in order to experience more of God, is to simply ask Him; it’s just simply ask. And He did promise; He did promise that as you’re hungry and thirsty for Him, He will satisfy. So right now, we just want to pray. Father, for those who are watching.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: I just pray. and I want to encourage you to just say it with me. Lord, I ask for more. Holy Spirit, I ask for more. God.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.



You said if I were to ask for the Holy Spirit, You would not give me a bad thing; You would ogive me a good thing.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: In fact, He’s not a thing; He is a person.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: So God, right now,

I say God, I want to encounter You; I want to know You. I want to know the Bible, in a way that I’ve never known it before. I want to know the Author, and His name is Holy Spirit.


RICHARD: Thank You Lord.


LARRY: I want to walk in relationship and fellowship with You, God, in a new way. So I ask, right now; I ask for a greater encounter with, and a greater experience of, the Holy Spirit. You don’t even have to pray the same words I did; that’s just a way to get you started. But He said ask; ask with expectation. I want to encourage you to ask with expectation; that the God, who comes with fire, and wind, and glory, and Presence; the God you read about in the Bible, Who fills you with awe, He actually wants to come and meet you where you are, right now.  Dr. Booker, could you just minister to the people as I. because I do feel a strong flow of the Holy Spirit. Just whatever the Holy Spirit’s leading you to share.


RICHARD: Well, I want to. want to say

this thing: There’s 3 ways of, getting with God. One is information, and that’s…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: what most Christians have.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Second is revelation; that’s when the Word of God leaps off the pages…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: into people’s hearts. But third is manifestation.


LARRY: Yeah! [laughs]


RICHARD: God wants to manifest.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Himself to us; the manifested Presence

of God. So this is what [music] I want to pray with those of you who…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: are watching. Lord, I thank You Lord that You are a God of mercy and love. You want to reveal Yourself to us, more than…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: we want it, oftentimes. and all the time, really. But, so Lord, it. for those who are watching who are hungering and thirst…




RICHARD: after righteousness, Your promise is that You will fill us up.




RICHARD: And so Lord, I’m just reaching my hand out to the screen now, and I’m inviting You, Holy Spirit, to come, and go past just dry information.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Lord come, with the living waters of the Holy Spirit, that will flow. Flow, Lord; go. Yes, Lord. [slaps desk] Come and flow.




RICHARD: Like rivers of living water, out of their innermost being, bubble up, Lord. Let them feel You and sense Your Presence, rising up inside them Lord, to overflowing, so they cannot contain You, Lord.




RICHARD: And erupt out of them, Lord, with a spiritual explosion, Lord, that will fill them with such a sense of awe…


LARRY: [laughs]


RICHARD: and joy, Lord, that they contacted the Creator of the Universe.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Yes, Lord!


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Hallelujah, Lord.


LARRY: Thanks, Lord.


RICHARD: We thank You Lord.


LARRY: Yeah.




LARRY: I just want to encourage you; wherever you find yourself now, I want to encourage you to just get in a place of receiving; not striving, not trying to work for something. The same grace of God. that bought your salvation, that cleansed you of every sin. the same grace of God makes it possible for you to experience the Holy Spirit. So wherever you feel comfortable; if you’re sitting on the couch, maybe lying down on the floor; I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what it looks like for you; just put yourself in a posture to receive. Not strive, receive; because I believe, just like Dr. Booker was saying, God actually wants you to encounter Him, more maybe than you even want to encounter Him. And I believe right now, in Jesus’ name, that as we have prayed these prayers, and we’ve given this time; not for more information, but for manifestation;




LARRY: I believe the Spirit of God is just, wherever you are, He’s coming to visit you, in a beautiful way. Coming to reveal Jesus in a greater way than you’ve ever known or seen. And He’s coming to touch you, with that fire, and power of God, that you would truly know, that God is alive, and He’s in you, and He’s with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. And He wants to use you, I believe, to change the world around you. For the Lord would say to you, He has you where He has you. He has you in the family, the job, whatever you are. He has you where He has you because He wants your presence to be in a place, so His Presence can be in that place. In a family, in a workplace. He wants His Presence to be upon you, to be in that place, so that you can carry the Presence of God wherever you go. Father, thank You for what You’ve done today. And I pray that You would fill whoever is watching this; fill them to overflowing, in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ [music] name, thanks for watching.

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