SID: God gives Pat a word to return to his home.


PAT: The Lord gave me, the only word, it was to, “Go to your home and tell what great things the Lord has done for you.” I traveled down there and when I got there a man said, “We have this little church. Would you like to come and preach for a Sunday service?” And I said, “Okay, I’ll do that.” And when I got done preaching he said, “Look, we’d like to buy time on the radio station to put you on the air for a week.” “Okay,” had never been on radio before, “I’ll do that.” And I was, the next day, Monday, I was on the way to the radio station. I stopped at the post office and here was a man that I hadn’t seen for 17 years. I had gone to grade school with him. His name was George [name]. And I said, “What have you done?” He said, “I just had a dream that I should come from Norfolk, 237 miles to Lexington, because God said, ‘You’re not finished and there’s something I want you to do.'” And I said, “What are you doing? I’m getting ready to go to the radio station, would you like to go?” And he said, “Sure.” So he got in the car with me. He said, “Look, there’s a TV station. Would you like to claim it for the Lord?” Well I didn’t even own a TV set.


SID: So you really knew a lot about TV.


PAT: Oh man, I was a pro, honestly. And I said, “George, I can’t run television.” He said, “Oh yeah you can, it’s easy. You just go ahead and turn the cameras on and put the lights on. Everything is easy.” I said, “Are you sure?” “Oh yeah, it won’t be any problem.” So I said okay. I went down to the football field where I had played a little bit of football as a sophomore in high school and I was walking there, and God spoke to me, and he gave me a number of so many thousand dollars. And I got an appointment with General Sarnoff who was the head of RCA Giant Corporation and I went down to his office, and I said, “I’m a buyer.” And he said, “You don’t sound like much of a buyer to me.” So I said, “Well I want to buy this station.” He said, “How much will you give for it?” I said, “I’ll give you $37,000,” which is what the Lord told me. The good news is we went on the air on that station and we had one TV camera that had caught fire. We had an old rotted out curtain. The curtain, dry rot, I had taken a couple of pieces of cardboard and put them together to make a cross, and we had a cross on the thing up there behind me. And we put this one camera on the air and one kilowatt transmitter, and we went on the air. And we didn’t have a monitor, so in order to see if we were on the air I had to run down to the street to this convenienct [store] to look in the TV to see if we were broadcasting.


SID: Tell me, just the last calendar year, how many people received the Messiah through your television?


PAT: About 85 million.


SID: Did you get that? This is last year, 85 million. Now you told me before we went on the air you have so many miracles happening there.


PAT: Yes.


SID: That you can’t verify every one anymore, but you still do, a lot of them.


PAT: We’ve received over 100 million prayer requests, 100 million, and of those I would say that about 1,250,000 Americans.


SID: I see you on the air all the time having words of knowledge. Have the words of knowledge increased recently?


PAT: Oh there’s been an explosion. The anointing of the Lord is so strong. It opens your mind to believe for the supernatural miracles.


SID: Can we believe, when we come back, that the words of knowledge will be activated in you and in me, and people all over the world will be healed? And I want you to tell me some of the secrets of the Secret Kingdom that he says he even operates under today, which anyone can follow and anyone get supernatural results. Be right back.

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