JERAME: I’d like the first FIVE in a high pitch shaky voice deaf people that come onto this platform are going to be TOTALLY HEALED in a high-pitch shaky voice. You know, and so the amazing thing was that 5 people out of 6, 000 came up, deaf. And so I told ‘them that and we started praying and, and each person their ears started opening. So I get to the fourth one and I go from like a high pitch shaky voice to like in the name of Jesus in a low, powerful, confident voice, you know? So I get to the fifth one and it’s this little girl, 5 years old, and she’s like, I’m sorry, 7 years old. She’s never heard a sound out of her right ear because she’s totally deaf and she was born without an ear hole or an ear drum. Now thank God I did not see that cause you know I had already seen the other ones so I was already in the name of Jesus in a low, powerful, confident voice so I without even thinking I just grabbed her by the head in the name of Jesus be healed now! in a low, powerful, confident voice. And when I took my hand off God re-created an ear hole and an ear drum –




JERAME: And it shattered this, this healing meeting. And I’m telling you it was amazing. I started preaching on Heaven Invading Earth and how God sent Jesus and before I could even get done in my Heaven Invading Earth message 2 people in a wheel chair section on the right side just get up out of their wheel chairs totally healed from being crippled and they run up and, and I’m thinking why are you interrupting the meeting? And the guy’s hitting me and I’m like why are you hitting me? And he, and he said you don’t understand these people were driven from like miles away because they’re paralyzed and they’re walking! And that night we had over 600 Muslims come to Jesus. And the next – and the next thing that happened was it opened up the door for us to preach the Gospel to the Governor of the region. And then the next night we were live on secular TV to 2.2 million people across Indonesia.




JERAME: And it happened because of one blip! Just one little picture and being obedient to what God says! See, God can give you a picture for someone at work. God can give you, God can – I’m telling you hearing the voice of God is powerful. And God wants to activate those realms in our lives. I want you to stand up with me, cause we’re going to – Yeah, yeah, come on over here. We’re going to release an activation. And I believe that God’s going to heighten spiritual senses. I believe He’ll open up eyes, open up ears. He’ll, He’ll cause us to taste and see that He’s good. How many of you know that’s what the Bible says? You know I remember I had an encounter one time with Jesus where I was praying and, you know, I was worshipping God and now this is a funny encounter. I believe that encounters can be metaphorical. And, but my wife happens to be vegetarian so this is why it makes it pretty funny but I had an encounter where in, I was praying and I went into a trance and I found myself at a, at a table with Jesus and He slid me a steak.




JERAME: And I ate this steak and I mean it was very, it was amazing and when I ate it it was like I could feel the presence of God heightening in my mind and my brain. And, and I came out of the encounter I said God, What was that? And He said that was an activation of revelation. And He gave me the same scripture I’ve been talking about, Hebrews 5:14. And it says but solid food belongs to those who are of mature age. That word food in the, in the original Greek it actually means meat. But solid ‘meatÆ belongs to those who are of mature age. And I’m sharing that because I want you to get an expectation to receive from God and to have encounters from God. Because God is fun and He wants to have fun with us. He wants to activate us. He wants to teach us more about Him and about His kingdom than ever before. And more than that He, He wants to raise up an army of people that walk in purity and power. And walk in, in, you know, encounters that transform the world around them. And I believe that more than ever God wants us to see. He wants us to hear. He wants us to taste. He wants us to smell. Heh! He wants us to feel His anointing. And we get testimony after testimony of people that feel the presence of God where they never felt it before. Is there anybody in here that you’d say Man, I just don’t feel the presence of God? I want to feel the presence of God. This is your time. We have people that, that as we pray the impartation they begin to smell a fragrance come into the room. We have other people that begin to receive miracles into their bodies. I mean I want you to be open right now for the next 5 minutes for just anything to happen in this room. Because if there’s one thing that I know about Jesus and that’s this: He is good. He’s, He’s amazing. He’s, He’s in love with us as His people. And, and if you don’t know Him, He’s, He’s in love with you. Ha-ha! He wants to reveal Himself to you. Some of the, some of the greatest leaders I’ve met in the Muslim world that we’ve gone into countries with, they – their salvation was because they had an encounter with Jesus face to face where Jesus appeared to them and, and told them I am the way, the truth and the life and they radically shifted, left what they believed before and now they have some of the biggest churches in the world! Ah, thank you, Lord. Just raise your hands right now. Lord, I just thank You, God, for Your people. I thank You for Your presence that’s in this place, Lord. Lord, I thank You that today You’re activating people’s spiritual senses, God. Lord, You’re opening up the sense of touch. You’re opening up the sense of smell, the sense of sight, the sense of hearing, the sense of feeling. And Lord, I pray right now, Lord we ask Father for You to, to touch people and we ask Holy Spirit come. Do what you do best. Bless Your people, God. I want you to put your hand right now on your heart. Yeah, Father, I just pray right now that Lord, You’d activate the sense of touch in the Spirit, God. That Lord, You would cause us to come into a, a sensitivity of the awareness of Your presence, and the awareness of, of Your love, the awareness of Your kingdom, God. Lord, I pray right now for people even that, have, have, maybe lost that sense, in the past they used to feel, God, but they’ve been discouraged because as they’ve worshipped and they praised You they haven’t been feeling Your presence, Lord. We decree right now that activation to come back, in Jesus’ name. And Lord, for those who maybe have never felt the touch of God, Lord, activate them. And Lord for those of us who do feel I pray for a greater sensitivity, God. A greater discernment, Lord. A greater intimacy, God. Let that be released right now, Father. Lord, let that anointing be released for those that are watching this by heh, by DVD or TV, Lord. The anointing of the Holy Spirit. Lord, let that presence of God be heightened in our living rooms, in our homes, Lord. With our children, with our families, God, in Jesus’ name. Now put your hands on your ears. Lord, I thank You, that You are amazing and, and that Lord, You want us to hear Your voice, God. Your word says that Your sheep they hear Your voice. And so Lord I pray right now that You’d open up the sense of hearing, God, in Jesus’ name. And Lord that you would open up our ears, even like the early church heard the sound, Lord God, of a mighty rushing wind come in to the room where they were meeting. Lord, release signs and wonders over your people. Release signs and wonders, God. Lord, even like the shepherds they heard the sound of the angels at the birth of Jesus as they begin to cry out glory in the highest. And, and, they knew where the King was at, Lord. Open up our ears to hear the sound of the angels singing and, and open up our hearts to join in with heaven as they worship You, Lord. Lord, I pray right now, God, that, that, Lord, people would heat the audible voice of God. That people would hear the sounds of heaven and that it would be so clear to them, Lord God, that, that, Lord, their faith would be encouraged. Now put your finger on your nose. Lord, I, I ask right now that, Lord, You’d open up discernment. Lord, that You’d open up the fragrance of God. Lord, that You would open up our sense of smell, Lord, that we could co-labor with You, Lord God, to, to see the works of heaven on the earth, Lord. Lord, give us an awareness, Lord. Let us walk by people and all of a sudden we have a word of knowledge through that sense that they need prayer for healing. Lord, let us, as we pray and we worship You, Lord, let us be aware of You when You walk in the room, Lord. Let the fragrance of who You are fill our homes, fill our times with you, Lord. Lord, let faith be released, God. Lord, I pray even right now, Lord, that the fragrances of God would be released. Lord, walk through us right now, we pray in Jesus’ name. Hah. Put your finger on your tongue. It’s your own finger. Don’t worry. Ha-ha. Father, I just ask that, Lord, You’d allow us to taste and see that You’re good, God. Lord, even like Ezekiel, Lord, as he ate a scroll that tasted sweet like honey in his mouth and was bitter in his tummy. Lord, even like John, you know in Revelation chapter 10, had an angel hand him a book and say eat this book and it tasted sweet like honey in his mouth. Lord, I pray You’d release commissioning encounters like they had, God. That Lord we would taste and see that You’re good. That Lord, there would be an impartation of the goodness of God and an activation of our callings and anointing’s, and Lord activation of the gifting’s of God. Thank You, Jesus. Now put your hands on your eyes. Thank You, Lord. Lord, I just thank You right now for spiritual sight. Lord, I thank You for that Ephesians 1:15 through 19 anointing, Lord, that Paul the Apostle prayed for the Church of Ephesus. Lord, we decree right now the spirit of wisdom and revelation being released in this place that the eyes of our understanding would be enlightened. God I pray right now for dreams and for visions, for supernatural encounters, God. That Lord, You’d open up our eyes to see in the spirit realm. Lord, just as strong as we’re seeing in the natural realm, let the spiritual realm, let the sight of heaven open up. And Lord, more than anything I pray that You would release radical encounters of Your love, radical encounters with You, Lord, that we would see You, that we would see You for who You are. Lord I pray that You would release an anointing over this generation to see You, so that purity and holiness and revival would break out, Lord, that people would begin to come into a, a greater understanding of who You are as Lord and as Savior in our lives. In Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord. And real quickly, I just see right now there’s an anointing for, for miracles and healing. And it’s in the room. If you need a miracle you can grab a hold of that right now. I’m telling you, if, if you need a miracle you can grab onto it right now. Because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. We’ve been seeing God do many miracles that, that are creative. We just had a girl in, we were in Sydney Australia and there was a girl that was born with two fingers shorter than the others and, and no knuckles on one hand and just a deformed hand and in the presence of God the fingers grew out, the knuckles came back. Creative miracles. I’m, I’m seeing right now God healing people. I see people’s backs being healed right now. If you need a miracle in your back. I see discs being restored. I even see circulation of blood being healed right now. Ha! Yeah, if that’s you just receive right now. Thank You, Lord. If that’s you, just receive right now. That circulation of blood being healed, that’s you. Thank You, Jesus. Does that make sense?

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