LAURA: Okay Steven. So I’m real curious. This is the part where it gets interesting because God wasn’t finished surprising you yet. So you were still at 40 percent lung capacity. You were not healed. You were still infirm. Then you felt led to go to a prayer meeting. What happened?


STEVE: On a Thursday night, we were part of a Vineyard Christian fellowship and I was in the midst of getting sick again, and I decided I’d go to the prayer meeting. My wife interjected, “You ought to be going to the hospital, not the prayer meeting.” Went there and the pastor, Word of knowledge, very specific, called me out of the crowd. I was on my feet. I didn’t get but about halfway to the front of the church. They laid hands on me. Randy Phillips laid hands on me and it was like electricity went through my body and I went back to Heaven for 20 minutes. I had another conversation with the Risen Christ. I went back to the exact same spot I was ten years earlier. The words this time were, “Things will be different from now on.” And I woke up breathing deeply on the floor of the Vineyard Church and I’ve been healthy ever since.


LAURA: So you were fully healed?




LAURA: That’s amazing. So then everything accelerated at that point because you began having really like an increase in these experiences where you would have these bubbles of Heaven would show up around you. And so tell us a little bit about that.


STEVE: I got to the place where I could recognize when Heaven was going to show up. I began to be in a place where I would anticipate. It’s kind of like being a volunteer. I’m available as an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven. Lord, use me however you would want. And so the occasions increased. There was one lady in particular that we did a healing a service and she walked up to Elaine and I, and she was bent over from scoliosis, had been in really horrible pain for 20 years. And when we started praying for her, I was looking down. And we laid hands on her, and my wife is a physical therapist, and that woman literally snapped and crackled, and popped for two minutes. And when were done praying she was pain-free for the first time in 20 years, and I was looking at this beautiful, radiant, auburn hair, green-eyed woman right in the eye, and the bubble of Heaven was there, because inside the bubble of Heaven miracles happen. It’s the way it’s designed. And we should experience more of the Kingdom of Heaven, bubble to bubble to bubble than we do. We’ve just forgotten over 2000 years.


LAURA: What’s amazing to me though is that because of your past and because of you being a person who preferred being invisible you didn’t tell a lot of people about this. Then you have this encounter where you get healed, you go back to Heaven momentarily and Jesus tells you, “Everything is different now. I have a mission for you.” And then you started telling people. What is your mission, what is your mandate?


STEVE: My mandate happened in a very powerful encounter that the Father specifically told me, “I want you to get serious about telling your story.” And so that’s kind of why I wrote the book, “Life After Heaven”. It’s why I do teaching and training. My mission in life is to help people experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now because we can and we should.


LAURA: Well how do we bring Heaven to Earth like that? How do we do that?


STEVE: You know, it’s a lot about being available. It’s a lot about volunteering for us and it’s a lot about understanding the methods and the way, and the heart of the Father. And so part of my work and part of what was part of the book is teaching people about being available, teaching people what the look-fors are. Because there are certain telltale signs that you’ll know right away that this is a bubble of Heaven about to occur. Lots of people who have read the book have sent me messages that said, you know, that’s occurred to me before, but I didn’t know what it was.


LAURA: I was just about to say that. I was just about to ask you that. This is fascinating. There’s got to be more people than me who are, so many thoughts racing through my head, they’re watching right now. Can you pray for them? Can you just maybe speak directly to them?


STEVE: Jesus came because he wanted us to have abundance in the way we relate to one another and the way we relate to him. And there’s no better opportunity than to have a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven expand and ignite around you in order to receive that for you and then for you to be able to an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven for our world and the people around you.


LAURA: Amen. God wants you to experience a bubble of Heaven in your life.

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