JAMES: Hahaha. Well I was in that meeting in London and all of a sudden I started smelling cotton candy and it was just    floating around the room. And it was so sweet. Anybody here like cotton candy? That’s a nice fragrance, isn’t it? Whooa, it was so good and it’s floating around. I said Lord, what is that? He said that’s the Holy Spirit. Smells like cotton candy. He’s so sweet. Wow! And you know it makes you hungry for Him. Hungry for the Spirit. When you smell that sweet, sweet fragrance you just wanna take that in. I try to breathe it in. (breathing in) Oohh, I’m kinda selfish, I wanted it all. Hahahahaha! But it’s not just for me. I believe that everything that I experience is for you. And I believe that God will let you experience more of it than me. As I share a testimony with you it’s a spirit of prophecy for God to release those things in you. Begin to sense the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit. And then suddenly there were fragrances in the room that smelled like, I don’t know if you like these things or not, but like you know when you open the oven and there’s a chocolate cake in there cooking (laughing) and that “shooo” (breathing in) oooh, chocolate! (laughing) You know what I’m talking about? There’s angels that came in the room that smell like that chocolate. I said oh, angel, come over here, come over here. You can sit next to me. And some of them smell like cookies and all kinds of sweet things. You know when we used to sing “There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in This Place” and I think the writer of the song knew what he was talking about, or she, I’m not sure who wrote it. But there is a sweetness of the spirit that God wants you to experience. A sweet, sweet spirit in this place and the Spirit is bringing to you all of the things that God releases from the kingdom of heaven. Amen? You know the Bible says that the Lord tastes good. Right? Taste and see that the Lord is good. And the word of God tastes sweet on our lips like honey. And I think God wants to activate that sense of taste that we begin to taste more and more of His presence and know God is here! I can taste it! You know in the Seder Meal at Passover at one point you’re told to break off a big piece of matzah. Well when I first started eating matzah I thought this tastes like cardboard. (laughing) Yeah, I had to develop a little bit of a taste for it. But it says in that service that you’re supposed to take this big piece and you’re supposed to savor the flavor of the matzah. And so I started chewing that and I was doing my best to savor the flavor of cardboard. Hahahahaha! (starts imitating chewing) You know I’m working on this big piece of matzah and I’m working on it and all of a sudden it tasted sweet. It was like it changed in my mouth and it became such a sweet, sweet flavor. And I love to do that now. I love to have matzah for communion    and I always take a big chunk of that you know and I start chewing on it and I’m gonna chew on it until it gets sweet because it represents the bread of heaven, it represents the word of God. And those are sweet, sweet things that we need to take into us and savor the flavor. Well I believe God is trying to wake up our spiritual senses that we’ll begin to feel that way about the word of God. You know I love the word of God. I can’t wait when I go to bed at night I’m thinking oh man, first thing in the morning I’m gonna get up and I’m gonna get the Bible open I’m gonna start reading the word of God. And sometimes it’s hard to sleep I’m getting too excited. Too excited because in just a little while I’m gonna be back in the word of God and I’m gonna savor the flavor and let the sweetness of God just fill my whole body. Amen? Well God wants you to also feel the things of the kingdom. And God has so many different kinds of anointing for “feelers.” For you to feel the presence of angels. For you to feel the kind of gifts that He’s releasing. In fact before I came in here I started feeling something. God has given me this place on my body. It’s right here. That when I begin to feel something moving there, some kind of energy there, it means that healing angels have been sent. And they have been sent into this room. And I began to see in the Spirit many, many healing angels. And when I see angels I speak to the angel. I say angel, I release you to minister what Father God sent you to minister. So I wanna say to those angels right now: Healing angels we release you to minister what Father God sent you to minister to the people who are here, to the people who are watching this that God will send these same angels right where you are, right into your room, wherever you may be as you’re listening the healing angels are coming and manifesting to bring a healing anointing from heaven to you. Receive it right now in the mighty name of Yeshua ha Mashiach! Amen and amen. Amen. You know there are some scriptures in the Bible that are just kinda hard to read but they’re important to read. In the Book of Deuteronomy, in, let’s see this is in, chapter 28? (laughing) Moses is giving his farewell address to the people. And he’s been with ‘em all these years. They’re going to the Promised Land but he has to wait for Jesus to come into the Promised Land. So he said you know you have seen with your own eyes the miracles that God did in Egypt with Pharaoh and with all the people. You saw the signs, the wonders, the miracles and on our journey you saw what God did. You’ve seen it with your own eyes He said. And yet God has not given you a heart to perceive, eyes to see, or ears to hear to this very day. And when I read that I thought how sad after all they’d seen. And then I thought “oooh,” what about us? We’ve seen healings, miracles, signs and wonders. Oooh! How wide open is our heart to perceive? How wide open are our eyes to see what God is doing? Are we having our ears open so that we can hear what Father God is saying? You know it’s not just about those people way back then. Their story was included in the Bible as a testimony for you and for me. They were kind of in a way representing human nature and we have a human nature. And God wants us to begin to see and to hear. You know Jesus talked about it a lot. He said you have eyes to see but you don’t see. You have ears to hear but you don’t hear! See it’s a condition that continues on and on but God says it’s time for a change! The prophet Joel said that God shared with him that in the Last Days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Now I want you to do a test for me if you would. Would you check and see if you have any flesh? Got any flesh?

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