BOB:  And so prophecy is the way that God releases what’s on the inside of you. You have so much light inside of you that darkness has to flee in the midst of it. You can go to your occupation. There’s a solution to the chaotic situation in your work. There’s a solution to people’s problems. And so God’s solution was to speak “Let there be light.” But a lot of times what we miss and in fact if you look at the story of creation there’s actually the pattern of prophecy. And I’ve never heard someone teach prophecy from creation but watch what happens next. So God releases this light. And then in verse 4 it says “God saw the light.” Everybody say “God saw.”


AUDIENCE:  God saw.


BOB:  You understand that when God creates something He has a unique perspective about it. When He saw darkness, emptiness and chaos, which sounds like a teenager’s room (laughs) He didn’t say what my dad used to say when he looked at my room. It’s this place is squalor. I don’t know what squalor is, it’s one of those special dad words. You know what I’m saying? Like it’s just that only it’s a “dadism” that dad uses. But when God looked at this room that was dark and empty and in chaos what did He say? He didn’t identify the problem. He released potential from Himself to clean it up. See I believe there’s a generation that’s going to look at the world and not just identify the problem but it’s going to release the power of God to clean it up.




BOB:  You know I’ve taught around the world thousands of people how to hear God’s voice. From children to golden agers. I believe no one’s too young and no one’s too old. The Bible says in the Last Days I’ll pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophecy. Your young one will have visions. Your old men will dream dreams. I’m dreaming more lately. I’m a little concerned about maybe I’m getting older. The key here is you’re a target for the Spirit of God and for prophecy if you’ve got skin on ya. Right? He said I’m going to pour out my spirit on all flesh. Jesus said look, when you see Me you see My Father. When you heard My words you’ve heard My Father’s words. What was He sayinÆ? God’s invisible but I came to put skin on God. God is… you can’t hear Him with your ears but I came so that you could hear what the Father sounds like. Can I say that in some way God’s put skin on you so you can look like Jesus. He’s put His Spirit in you so you can sound like Jesus and when you do, things change. I was teaching this one time at conference in Florida and I was trying to give an example of how God can speak through a natural every day situation. And in Jeremiah, God says to Jeremiah what do you see? Cause Jeremiah was saying look I’m too young. I can’t see. He said well just tell me what you see. Just look at anything. He said I see the branch of an almond tree. And God said that’s right because I’m watching over my word to see that’s it’s accomplished. So what God was doing was giving him a natural object to give him a spiritual message. And I actually believe God can use a natural object to give you a spiritual message. I have a friend his name is Steve, Steve Swanson. He’s a worship leader. And we were in a conference together and I was teaching this and I was doing an exercise where I said to people just take a natural object and have someone look at it and ask them for if they can give you a word of God from that. So Steve instead of leaving me kind of as the teacher on my own he said “Hey, do me,” you know. And he took a picture out of his pocket and he said I’m not going to tell you anything about this little girl but her name is Rachel. And he said tell me what you see. And I looked at it. I saw God saw the light. Everybody say “God saw the light.”


AUDIENCE:  God saw the light.

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