RODNEY:  And so there are different kinds of anointings. Different kinds of anointings. Different flows of the Holy Spirit. Unusual manifestations of the Spirit of God. The way that we test that it always lines up with scripture and it never brings about extra-biblical revelation that nobody else has. It’s always going to take you back to the scripture. Unfortunately in the time we’re living in a lot of New Age stuff has crept into the Body of Christ especially when it comes to the things of the anointing and they are nothing more than New Age practices. We have to bring everybody into the balance of the scripture and the Word of God cause the Holy Spirit will never take you outside the Word. He’s always going to bring you back to the Word and make the Word alive and the Word is going to live on the inside of you. And I get very disturbed when I see a lot of people, you know well we’ve got the power of God but we don’t really worry too much about this anymore. I go Brother, I’m going to say goodbye to you at this point. I love you but I’m praying for you to come back because the more the anointing is the stronger the Word’s going to be. It’s the Word and the Spirit together that flow together. Can you say amen?




RODNEY:  Now you say why would you say that? I would say that because if anyone knows the anointing it’s Lucifer. You got to understand he’s a fallen minister. He was the anointed cherub that covered. Every precious stone was his covering: the sardis, the topaz, the diamond, the beryl, the onyx. He was perfect in every way till iniquity was found in him. And the Bible talks about an angel of light. That’s why you have to test the spirits to see whether they be of God. And you will know them by their fruit. So we have to be fruit inspectors. Can you say amen?




RODNEY:  Hallelujah! So we, you know we’re pastoring a church and we just celebrated 17 years now, we have a  Bible School, but I tell the church I said, listen, I mean these preachers come around. I said the first thing I want to do I want to see their wife and kids cause that’s going to tell me what’s going on with them. Amen? Oh, it looks like I should change the subject right now.




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