RODNEY:  Father I thank You that You go with a knife where man cannot go and You do the work. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. This dear lady right here. Come here, sister. Yes. Where you from? New Jersey? What do you do? You’re a dietician? Wow. Lift your hands. FIRE! That’s it. Right now. Go right through you. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord, Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Hallelujah. Come here dear lady. Come here. What do you do, dear sister? Yeah, what do you do? What do you do? Pack? Books. Tapes. DVDS’s. GREAT shall be the reward. Great shall be the reward. Father, thank you. Give her a miracle in her body. Touch her. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Now this anointing is not just for the church service. This anointing is on the streets. We’ve seen it on the streets. Kids are on the streets. People are being saved on the streets, falling out at bus stations. Speaking in other tongues. Devils are coming out on the streets. This is not coming. This is already happening! It’s already happening! Every Sunday I just sit and weep at the testimonies of what’s coming forth. And the schools are opening up. Whole schools are getting hit by the power of God. Listen. The people are not closed to the gospel. They’re more open than you can even realize. The world is crying out. The world is crying out! The world is waiting for you! The world is waiting for the church to get off its blessed assurance. It’s time for the river to flow out of you! Let me ask you a question. How many more times does hands have to be laid on your head? Some people have had hands laid on them so many times they’ve gone bald.




RODNEY:  You got to go do it! You got to go do it! Well I’m not being invited to preach at the church. Don’t, don’t…if you waited to be invited to preach at the church you won’t go anywhere. The invitations now are coming from mayors of cities inviting us to come in to drug infested areas. We were invited by the mayor of Ocala. We went in the planning meetings where all the pastors came were to the Police Department. That’s where the meetings were held. We had a two week tent meeting. Over 5000 people saved. …Listen, this is happening now. It’s happening. Churches, there are churches that don’t even want the move of God because they’d have to give up too much. They’re afraid of losing their reputation. But the world’s crying out. Hallelujah! I said the world is crying out. It’s waiting for you! I said it’s waiting for YOU!!




RODNEY:  Glory to God! Hallelujah! So a lot of people think you know that the fire’s going to fall out of heaven and the wind s going to blow out of heaven and the river’s going to flow out of heaven. It already did 2000 years ago. You got to get it so it can flow out of you. The river’s going to flow out of you! Come here. What do you do? You’re a mom? That’s a full time job. How many kids? How old are they? Let me tell you, godly children under the anointing full of the fire of God, those three kids God will use them to shake whole regions. Father, I thank you for the touch of heaven. Hallelujah! I’ve never done it that way. I had to break a fall with my foot but you have to be innovative.

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