Last week, I was at a funeral for a great man of God’s wife, Terry Mise.  And Terry Mise is one of the directors of International Convention of Faith Ministers.  And his wife went onto Glory, it’s been two weeks ago now.  But at the funeral, there’s three hundred men of God there and Ken Hagan Jr is doing the service.  But Terry Mise gets up at the end of the service and he shares personal testimony.  And one of the things that he shared is how when they got married, some forty years previous, Jackie said, “Terry, I can’t marry you” and he said, “Why?”  And she said, “Well, I’ve not been truthful.  A couple of things I’ve not told you, that you don’t know and I can’t marry you”.  This is two weeks before the wedding.  He said, “What?”  She said, “Well, doctors said that I have a disease and that by the time I’m thirty, I’m going to be an invalid.”  And he said, “Well, what’s the other thing?”  She said, “Well, doctors said because of another medical problem I was born with or that I have, I’ll never be able to have children; medically impossible for me to have children and I know you want a family.”  So he said, “Who told you that?”  She said, “Well, doctors.”  He said, “That’s not what God says.  Whose report are you going to believe?  Are you going to believe the report of the natural world or are you going to believe the report of an Almighty God that says you can do all things by the anointing, by Christ in you?  Who are you going to believe?”  Well, Terry chose to believe God, and Jackie, they got married in two weeks.  She went on to be with the Lord, sixty-four years old.  And although she died early, what the doctors said was proved wrong and they have four beautiful children and a whole barn full of grandchildren.  See Terry believed the Word.  And as you believe the Word, and that’s why we’re going to put time into understanding some basic principles of the will of God, because faith begins where the will of God is known.  And as we establish some of these foundation principles and faith, it’s going to help you to step into the operation of the gifts of the Spirit.  And know, absolutely know, every one of those gifts are there for you to advance the kingdom.  And even though we’ll see, some of the gifts are unique to different people, let’s quote, call it specialties, because God distributes separately as He wills.  But He says, “Covet the best gifts”.  The best gift is what you need to get the job done.  So whether the job that needs to be done is you getting out of debt or for you to do whatever you’re going to do in fulfilling the mission or overcoming some problem, handicap or whatever sickness it might be.  That’s really the elements, the basic elements of faith, you know; your needs.

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