LARRY:   But it was like, it was like all of this stuff started happening. Now here’s what people don’t know that don’t study history. On a parallel track with Renaissance in the 14th -1500’s “The Black Plague” covered the earth. 75 million people died during the Renaissance Movement from the Black Plague. So, in other words it was the best of times and the worst of times. It was, it was the good, the bad and the ugly coming at the same time. It was how you were postured, who you were at, how you were postured. So the things that are coming on the earth, it’s not, it’s not good to say, “I don’t like that,” or “do like that”, or “Was that God?”, “Is that good?” It’s just good to say “It doesn’t matter what comes on the earth. I’m in Christ, I’m a Joseph waiting in prison for them to go… for food to die and nobody having water, because I had a vision and a plan and I’m about to do a jailbreak on them and go to the CEO of Egypt and I’m about to save the church and the world because listen…” I had difficulties, constraints and bitter times and judgment times for many women who have destinies [that] are opportunities for a stepping stone into the next pet plan of God. So every judgment is a stepping stone for destiny-designed Christians to be able to embrace the next move of God. So it’s just, it’s just a matter of posture, it’s just a matter of getting yourself situated. Right. So I believe… so Larry, are bad things coming? Oh, you’d better believe it. There’s some really bad things coming. But when you read church history, at least, at least I hope they’re not going to burn you at the stake. I mean, I mean, you know, you know, you know our worst nightmare as, as, as Western Christians is that we get a bad steak at the restaurant. You know, I mean it’s like and we send it back because, bless God, I’m not eating this thing, you know, it’s raw. But I mean, like, I mean, I mean, c’mon, I mean people were martyred for the king… you know, for Christ, and, and people were martyred in the Dark Ages and worse things than that happened to them. So are bad things coming? Yes. But bad things have always been there. You know Jesus taught about the evil as always there. But here’s what the scripture says: “Behold, darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people, BUT”… my favorite transitional word in the Bible, “the glory of the Lord shall arise upon the people of God and His glory shall be seen upon them.” SO what is bad for some, listen, what was bad for the people of Noah’s day was a deliverance for the people in the Ark. So our posture is the “Ark.” And Hebrews says that ark was Christ. So Jesus is our defense, He is our bulwark, He is our “hiding place,” as Psalm 91 says. He is that Ark. So are bad times coming? Yes. But listen. Major, incredible Renaissance is coming. Oh my, the Lord. And you’re thinking the Lord’s got to be out of ideas. Oh you have no idea how the Lord, you know, poor Lord. I was thinking about this today. The Lord has to go to every church in the world every Sunday morning. I’m thinking poor Jesus! Lord, I’m so sorry, that must be so boring. How do you stay awake?

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