SID: Now Dr. Sandra Kennedy has had a marvelous ministry for many years. She has a congregation, a teaching school. She releases teams into actual hospitals where people get healed. But you told me at dinner last night that over the last six months there’s something new going on. What’s happening in your congregation?


SANDRA: We have an invasion of the Holy Spirit, an absolute invasion of the Holy Spirit. People have seen angels, seen Jesus walk up and down the aisles. I mean, when I say angels, I mean 50, a hundred, tons of angels, and Jesus himself walking and laying hands on the folks. And the presence of the Lord is just tangible, Sid. It is the most wonderful thing.


SID: But why is this going on now, because I’m hearing this in many pockets throughout the world that this is all of a sudden erupting. Why do you think it’s erupting now?


SANDRA: I think a new season has broken loose. I think back in August when we had that eclipse that took place, I think there’s a shift in the heavenly dimensions that happened on that day.


SID: I do, too.


SANDRA: I really do. I believe something broke loose and we are just on a road to see the Glory of God.


SID: But you know something, Sandra, despite that wonderful thing that you just said, there are so many defeated believers.




SID: What is the devil’s greatest strategy to cause believers to be so defeated?


SANDRA: He doesn’t want you to know the power of the blood and he doesn’t want you to know that you really are cleansed. He just doesn’t want you to understand who you really are in Christ Jesus, is the best way I would put it. He just doesn’t want you to understand what Jesus has really done for you. This is the part that really just blows my mind, the forgiveness of Almighty God. You know, not only when he comes in and you’re born again, we forget what the blood does. We remember that it cleanses us of our sins, but we forget that the blood can take care of every area of our heart. Now Sid, before I became a pastor I used to work in mental health as a therapist, and got a six-year degree in religious psychology. And so I saw all kind of people who, out in the world even, I’m not sure, but out in the world, with all kind of problems. I became a pastor and everybody in the church had the same problem that everybody in the world had. That just did not make any sense to me. After I gave an altar call, people who had come in to visit couldn’t get down to the altar because the people who were church members were running back down to rededicate. And I said something is terribly wrong here. And so that’s when I began to really delve in the power of the blood of Jesus and our understanding that there is something that looks like a stain. It was called defilement. And we would, you know when you would backslide, well I did at least. I rededicated my life so many times I broke the re-dedicator. But you and I cannot hardly grab hold of the fact of how wonderful Jesus is. And so we walk around knowing that we’re saved, but not, holding our head down, shameful, thinking somebody is going to find it out, somebody is going to bring that up. I’m embarrassed because of who I was or what I did. Listen, I’m talking about myself now. I’ve walked these roads.


SID: You use a term. I want you to comment on this. The term you use is “thoroughly cleansed.”


SANDRA: Yes. You’re so clean and you accept it by faith. You’re just so clean that you almost can’t believe it, to tell you the truth. And so if somebody were to bring it up, this is what the blood does, if somebody were to bring it up, I knew you when, you automatically would begin to say, uh-uh, that person is dead, I don’t even know who you’re talking about. There’s a place that we can get there. We can get there. The Lord is waiting for the church to lead the way. All the powerhouse of God is inside of us and the Lord is waiting on us to be shining lights and lead people to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is harvest time.


SID: Speaking of, you use the word “power.”




SID: And when we come back in moment, I’m going to have her talk about the foundation of the blood that very few Bible believers know because it’s in the Old Covenant, which gives you the foundation for all we have revealed in the New Covenant. But there was a warlock that came to your church and tell me about, like Habakkuk says, there’s a light, a power coming out of hand.


SANDRA: Rays of light.


SID: Rays of light.


SANDRA: Yes. As of the close of church one day, I stood down on the floor to dismiss the congregation and I just did my hand back like that, just like that. And when I did, I hear, bam. And didn’t know what had happened. I went ahead and closed the service. At the end of the service, this big guy came up to me and he said to me, “What did you hit me with?” He was in the back of the church. I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said, “When you did your finger, a beam of light came out of your finger and hit me directly in the head, and knocked me out.”


SID: But then there was more to the story.


SANDRA: Yes, there was. There was. I come to find out he was a warlock. And I told him about Jesus. He wasn’t interested in Jesus. He was interested in the power of somebody in the Bible. It talks about that, too. So he was interested in the power. But I told him it was Jesus and it shocked me more than it did him. And of course you know, I’m sure they told you about it, you heard when I walked into a meeting one day and there were 400, 500 people there. I walked up on the stage and all I did was something like that and every person in the auditorium hit the floor. Everybody on the stage hit the floor. Everybody at the piano hit the floor. I’m the only person in the auditorium standing. And do you know what I did? I hit the floor.


SID: I’ll tell you what, when she explains this revelation on the blood that you cannot even catch if you don’t know the Old Covenant, I don’t even like the name “old covenant” because it’s the foundation.


SANDRA: Absolutely.


SID: I would call it, you know, I’m going to come up with a new name for “old covenant.” How about the Foundation Book?




SID: I like that. When we come back, she’s going to tell us something from the Foundation Book that will cause the blood of Jesus to give you a revelation and protection, and healing, and freedom like you’ve never had before.

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