He says I’m giving you the power and the authority to bind and to loose. And so whatever you see that’s been done through the finished work of the cross, those promises that Jesus died on the cross to give you, for your peace, your harmony, your love walk, your, your, uh, prosperity, everything that has to do with your life in the earth, He said I’m giving you the power to bind anything that is not according to that life. For whatever I gave you in heaven that’s what’s going to stand. Whatever I did through my finished work on the cross that is what I’m giving you. That’s what you can go to the bank with. That is your heavenly currency. So if there’s something that’s not according to that, you can actually do something about it. You don’t have to wait even for three dreams and a vision.

You can just wait for that agreement in the spirit and enter into that. And He says I’m also giving you the power to loose. If you see that it’s already been done by Jesus, and He sits at the right hand of the Father in the heavens, if it’s completed by Him you have the power to loose that or release it into your place in the earth, into your home, into your workplace, into, into your financial arena of life. And so anything that you’re facing now that doesn’t look like a piece of heaven you can actually do something about that. And, um, we’ve seen so many people’s lives turned around when you start to, to work with God to partner with Him. Jesus said in Matthew 28, verse 18 to 20, He said that all authority, all authority in heaven and in earth has been given unto Him but then He’s given it to us.

He says so go into the world, go in and make even disciples of whole nations. Baptize nations. That means we’ve got authority and power to implement in partnership with Him as He leads us forward to make this world a better place. Now what I’m about to say might shock you a little. Okay? But the life that you’re now living for a good part you created! A lot of times people have said to me, “No way, Patricia, you know I didn’t create this mess!” And I thought, well (laughs) “Let’s look at that.” You know. Because our belief systems, our core belief systems, the words we speak, the associations we have, the choices we make, the actions we engage in, all of those things create realms and atmospheres in our life.

If you look back over your life some of the fruit of what you’re living in now you created through choices years ago. And so when we walk with God we can, with “intentionality,” and that’s a huge word today, there’s a lot of “oil” on that word, “intentionality.” If you get in that secret place with God and say “God, show me my potential. Show me what You, You want to do in my home” and you get His heart and walk with Him through it you can actually create a heavenly divine dimension in your life and the earth.

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