SANDRA: We’re all expecting to go. How many of you believe you got some real estate up there?


SANDRA: We all believe it! How many of you seen it? But you see what I’m talking, what I’m talking about. But you believe it. You believe it. Based on what? This precious, wonderful, glorious Book called the Bible! We found it in the Book and we believe it. And yet again we may, might act like fools some days and you still believe you’re going to heaven?

AUDIENCE: Yes! Right.

SANDRA: All right, I’m fixing to trap you. Are you ready?

AUDIENCE: Yeah. Yes, ma’am.

SANDRA: Good Southern word: “How come?” Why do you think just because your body tells you that you are not healed, why do you believe the body over the Bible?

AUDIENCE: Ohh. That’s right! Wow! Ouch!

SANDRA: Why do you believe the body? In others words you believe your flesh, you believe the body which houses you. You live INSIDE of the body. And this body just is my house. And you know we all got different kind of houses. We are three parts. Spirit, soul and body. You’re made in the image of God the spirit. You have a soul, your mind, your will, your emotions. You live inside of a body. Now we got all kinds of bodies. Big houses. Little houses. Black houses. White houses…


SANDRA: …All kind a houses are in here tonight. Bald-headed houses. All kind a houses but they’re houses, amen? They’re just our houses right? They’re just our houses. Now let me ask you a question. If I were to come to your house, your house where ever you live on what street, if I were to come to your house to talk to you, to talk to you, would I stand outside your door and say “Hello, Sally!” out in the street? Would I stand in the street to talk to you?


SANDRA: What would I do?

AUDIENCE: Come inside.

SANDRA: I’d come inside the house, wouldn’t I? When God talks with us He comes inside the house because we’re the spirit man who lives inside of this house. This house is just what I use while I’m down here on the earth. This house is not who I am! Praise the name of the Lord! Hallelujah! That’s a good time for all you all to say “Thank God!”


SANDRA: If you’ve looked in the mirror your house is changing. Hallelujah! Amen?


SANDRA: Hallelujah! Now I believe in you know if you want to tighten it up, jerk it up, tighten, whatever you want to do to it…


SANDRA: …do whatever you have to do, hallelujah! I believe in doing whatever you want to do to that house! But don’t let that house rule your body! Are you listening to me?


SANDRA: Now healing. Were talking about healing. Healing starts on the inside. It starts in the spirit man. It does not start in the house. It starts inside. I am a spirit made in the image of God. When God talks to me He talks to me on the inside. He talks in my spirit. I’m made in His image. That’s His spirit. He is a Father Spirit. He talks to my spirit man. And when He, when He talks to me about healing and the Bible says that “By his stripes I am healed.” You know Himself took my infirmities, bare my sicknesses, I am healed. You know that’s what He says. He did not say I’m trying to get healed. He did not say I’m trying to get healed. He did not say maybe you’ll get healed. He did not say possibly you’ll get healed. He said you ARE healed!

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