SID: Well I’ll tell you what, David, I love talking to you and interviewing you because the Glory just pours out of you. But there are many people here that perhaps are not familiar with you. Tell me just what is going on supernaturally with you, recently?

DAVID: Recently, we’ve been seeing so many different things, even in the last couple of weeks and months. I’ve been seeing, I was in Kiev, Ukraine, just like a week or so ago, and the Glory of God was so thick that people would come up and say, I didn’t even call it out, like the holes in my teeth are filled, all my tumors are gone. Two people with terminal cancer, they brought them into the back room right after the meeting and some of them were on staff, and they looked like literally they were about to die. Their skin was grey. And the Glory just filled the room. I said, I’m going to get out, just leave her here with her husband. I began to pray and within minutes, demons started coming out of the people and literally spirits of cancer, terminal cancer, and their skin color came back, the pain left. The next morning I asked—

SID: Did you actually see the skin tone change?

DAVID: Oh yes, right in front of me. It was last week, right in front of me in the pastor’s office, I’m like, whoa. And then the next day the husband was my driver to the airport, so he told me that since then she was depressed, she used to be the worship leader of the church, complete shift. No more pain, doesn’t feel the tumors, skin color changed and full of joy, getting heavenly encounters. So even just that, like terminal cancer, that’s a big thing.

SID: David, there are some that need a definition.

DAVID: Sure.

SID: We’re talking about Glory. Let’s not take things for granted. It’s the Glory of God. What does that really mean? What is it?

DAVID: Well basically, I break it down this way. If you were to go to Heaven right now, die and go to Heaven, what would you be experiencing right now? That’s the Glory, the heavenly atmosphere.

SID: The Presence.

DAVID: Presence of God, Shekinah Glory, as if you were dead and went to Heaven, but you’re still alive, living in the Glory. That’s what it is. So you’re walking around as if you’re in Heaven, but you’re on the earth. So it’s more than just a gifting or an anointing, or an ability. It’s like the presence of God’s full Glory all around you and inside you. That’s, it’s Heaven, it’s Heaven on Earth.

SID: Now we know about the Glory and we also know about the Anointing. Would you define the difference between the two.

DAVID: Sure. The Anointing, for years, I had ministered under a heavy anointing, which means you administer, you pray for people, you lay hands, you do all the stuff, and it’s like coming from inside of you. It’s like a battery, you charge it up, you pray and then you release it, and you feel virtue, but you also feel tired sometimes. If you lay hands on a thousand people or deliverance, or healing, you feel a little worn out. It’s like part of your body is invested in it.

SID: And you know when I lay hands on someone, what, I feel as though I can actually feel that presence coming out of me into that person.

DAVID: Exactly. And it’s biblical.

SID: Right

DAVID: And I did that for years, but I would get tired sometimes, like wow. But then when I hit the Glory it wasn’t coming from inside me, I was connecting to the Glory, and the hand of God out of the Glory was touching people directly from the Glory cloud. So as opposed to me getting it through me to the person, I would tell the people, raise your hands, in the audience, and then God would touch them directly. So it was bypassing me and going straight from Heaven to the people.

SID: Well you know what that does? That gives God all the Glory.


SID: And you’re almost like an observer.


SID: You’re having [unintelligible]

DAVID: I’m a spectator.

SID: Yes. Tell me what God has shown you about, because that’s the Glory you’ve operated in, but God is showing you about this greater Glory. What is going to happen when it fully manifests? What do you see happening?

DAVID: What I see is God always takes us from Glory to greater Glory, to greater, just like from faith to faith, Glory to Glory. But those of us who have been in the Glory for years and have been faithful, and what God is telling me is He is about to release yet another dimension. And I was like, “But Lord, how much more is this going to get.” And he said it’s going to be so great that all the past moves of God that we’ve seen before will be nothing compared with what’s about to happen. So you think the Jesus movement, you think Kathryn Kuhlman, the Azusa Street Revivals, Finney, Spurgeon, Smith Wigglesworth, all these revivals, Wesley, nothing compared. It will almost be like a culmination of all those Glories in one exploding on the earth. And I said, “Lord, what is this going to look like?” He said it will be so fast that what would take years in one revival, is what would happen in days in this new Glory.

SID: David, when we come back, I want you to explain how you started operating in this Glory of God, this manifest presence of God. And again, anything David can do, anything I can do, you can do better. We’ll be right back.

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