TOM: Why would the Jason’s be telling the Pentagon last year that you have until the end of this year to get ahead of this technology or you face falling, their words, “unrecoverably behind in the race for human enhancement.” Now what are they talking about? Do they know something about Russia? Is this China? And by the way Iran has some of the most sophisticated laboratories doing research into this of anybody in the world. That’s really scary, right? Uh, but what is it that they know we don’t know. They also put out a white paper recently. I didn’t bring the slide for it, called “The $100 Genome:  Implications for the Department of Defense.” And it’s a doozy because in it they talk about genotype and phenotype. And if you remember your basic biology from school, genotype, that’s what you inherit from your parents, right? That’s, that’s your genetic blueprint. That’s what, that’s why you were born a human and not a dog. Because of your genotype. But phenotype that’s how it is expressed externally. It’s how you walk.

It’s how you talk. It’s why you’re bipedal. It’s your characteristics. It’s your instincts. And the Jason’s are saying to the Department of Defense as we begin modifying people at the genotypic level we are going to modify them phenotypically. In other words they’re going to walk different. They’re going to act different. Their characteristics are going to be different. They may become more animalistic. They could be like something out of a demonic nightmare. And they’re saying you’ve got to get ahead of this technology because our enemies, our competitors are developing at a breakneck pace and in the very near future according to them this decade won’t elapse before you will see characters you couldn’t have imagined. The Jason’s are not the only ones urging preparedness for the coming human enhancement revolution. At the School of Law, Birkbeck, the University of London. This is one of the world’s leading CSI schools, crime scene investigation, where if you’re in law enforcement you would go there to get degrees to work in CSI. How many of you know what “CSI” is? Yeah, okay.

Well if you’ve watched any of these, umm, TV shows. You know, crime scene investigators they go into a crime scene, right? They rope it off. They cordon it off. Uh, other officers can’t even get in there unless they’re specially trained. Then they start photographing everything. And then they start measuring in great detail everything that’s there. If there’s forensics information they will, uh, put that into special containers. It could be a drop of blood, it could be a drop of sperm, it could be a hair fiber, it could be a footprint, it could be a tire track. If there’s a body laying there it might even be how the body is laying there. Then they collect all this stuff after measuring it so that they can take it back to the crime lab and recreate it, put it in special containers so there’s no cross-contamination of the forensic material, and then they recreate it in the crime lab. Well anyway so many weeks later they come out of the crime lab and now they are able to say to the field investigators something like we are looking for a Caucasian male between the ages of 25 to 36 years of age, he’s got blonde hair, he’s probably part of a, of an affluent community or this or that or whatever, right? It’s amazing what 200 years of analytical science have taught them how to read crime scene forensics to be able to come up with this information and then that becomes a powerful tool in the hand of field investigators.

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