SID: Now Jamie, most people think of angels perhaps flying, but no one thinks of an angel skiing. Tell me that story.

JAMIE: Okay. I was eight years old and my father who is a daredevil, he was, I’m going to do something crazy, I want to take you down a black diamond run. And these black diamond runs, we’re talking about, you’re falling.

SID: It’s worse than a roller coaster.

JAMIE: It’s worse than a roller coaster. But I had just gotten out of ski school and he says, “I think you’re ready.” And so we’re going down and I’ve got this new coat and it’s just this big, full of down, big, heavy winter coat. And so he says, “Alright, hop on the skis.” So we get down, we’re on the slope and as, about 30 seconds down the slope it’s patches of ice everywhere, and we hit a sheet of ice. I fell back, but when I fell back my skis stayed stuck to the ice. And I was on my back unable to pull myself up. And so while my skis are still on the ice going right down that black diamond, I am picking up miles per hour that my father cannot catch me. And as I’m going faster and faster, all of a sudden out of nowhere, he says, this man, this skier, whoever this is, takes off down the mountain and skis, catches up to me, catches me, props me up, puts me on my two skis upright and then skis off.

SID: He didn’t say anything?

JAMIE: He didn’t say anything. And then my dad who knows what he’s doing on skis, he says, “That is impossible. That cannot be.” And my father says, “That was an angel.” Now you have to understand I had picked up so much speed that the decal on the back of my coat was completely stripped off. When it hit the ice, it picked up maximum speed and burned the back of my jacket, so I had a stripe up the back of my jacket and I wore that thing so, just like it was a badge of honor for the rest of the season.

SID: I could see that. I have some family I’d like to see know the Messiah. How about you, studio audience, do you have family? How about you? Do you have family? I believe, Jamie, you could release a prayer for angels to guide these family members into the right place to get saved.

JAMIE: You know, I was actually preparing for this and I had a vision. And if you’re watching this, I saw angels being released to actually go out and bring those that you’ve been praying for, that you’ve been believing God to touch, to the knowledge of Jesus, to the fullness of his salvation. Father, let it be. Send angels. We declare that you are good. You are the leader, you’re commander of the angel armies. Send those angels right now and let those that need to hear this wonderful Gospel come to Jesus.

SID: Jamie, you had a Heaven touching Earth moment in Brazil.


SID: Tell me about it.

JAMIE: You know, I talk about this in the book, that part of the seer is the secret of imagination, and your imagination is no longer your pretend center as a believer. We have the mind of Christ. And because of that when we think something he says, “Commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established.”

SID: So we don’t have to discount those thoughts like we have been in the past.

JAMIE: No. Take every thought captive, not just the bad ones, but the good ones, too, because there are good thoughts that are God thoughts that are coming to you. And while I was down in Brazil I’m praying for this boy and his foot, there was no bone in his foot to give him the ability to stand on that foot. It was like a flag. He could have waved that thing in the air. And as I prayed, I began to imagine the bone forming in his foot and I began to speak what I was imagining, declaring in the name of Jesus, “Bone form.” Now whether I am seeing it in the spirit, in my imagination, or I’m just believing with my imagination, I think that’s up to God. I don’t know the answer to that. But either way, that bone in that boy’s foot regrew. I could feel it, like it popped under my hand and he stood up with the bone fully formed in his foot in that moment.

SID: When we come back, would you pray a supernatural prayer of activation so that since we all see maybe we have the right glasses so we see clearer?

JAMIE: Absolutely.

SID: Be right back.

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