SID: Joshua, I can’t wait to pick your brain on the glory, ’cause you’re one of these people that were a forerunner in this. But you said the glory came with three progressive supernatural experiences. Tell me about that.

JOSHUA: There were three very specific signs that began to take place. The first one was the fragrance of Heaven would come and actually fill the atmosphere. When that began to happen, people would begin to run to the altars. The second sign that happened was the oil, the supernatural oil, began flowing. I would get it a little bit, but it was happening for more of my worship team, the different—

SID: Now, when you say “flowing,” explain to me. Flowing from your hands?

JOSHUA: You know what? Supernatural oil literally flowing from our hands. Some would get it on the backs of their necks. Some would get it from their foreheads. Others would have it flowing from their feet.

SID: Do you find this contagious, that it spreads from one person to another?

JOSHUA: There’s always an impartation in the Spirit of God. There is an impartation in these things. It seems—

SID: People watching us right now, they could start having oil on their palms or forehead?

JOSHUA: Actually, I feel right now the Spirit of God, just even as you said that, that there are people at home that are watching this program right now and the glory is beginning to manifest for you. There’s supernatural oil, I believe, even beginning to come in your hands right now as you’re watching. Just thank God that His healing oil, His oil of peace, His oil of joy, His oil of goodness is coming to bring you miracles right now.

SID: This is what, from my viewpoint, you’re known as. I mean, I would see pictures of you at the piano and I’ve seen a little gold dust on someone’s face, etc., but you really go for it. I’ve seen you coated in that gold dust.

JOSHUA: Well, you know what, the more you get into the glory, the more the glory gets on you and in you and around you. There’s times when we go into that glory and that was the third sign that God gave us, was the golden glory begin to manifest. It’s an awesome and glorious thing. Sometimes it’s hard for people to believe it at first when they hear about it because it seems so unusual. But the truth is when you get it yourself, you know that it’s God. You know that it’s the glory.

SID: Now, glory causes everything in the Bible to get unstuck for you. For instance, glory causes creative miracles. I have not seen this, but I have heard of this before. In India, you prayed for someone’s eye. What happened?

JOSHUA: Right. I was praying for a young woman and as I laid my hands on the sockets of her eyes where there were no eyeballs, as I laid my hands—

SID: By the way, it’s one thing to pray for someone to get rid of their glasses. It’s another level to pray for someone that is blind and has eyeballs. But did you hear what he said? No eyeballs. Go ahead.

JOSHUA: As I laid my hands upon the sockets of her eyes literally underneath my fingers as I was praying for her, I could feel eyeballs beginning to form under her eyelids. There’s no other way to explain it, but it’s a supernatural, creative miracle of God. We’ve seen these things happen time after time. I’ve prayed for people that had no muscle in their arm or very little muscle in their arm and muscle began to come. I mean, these are the things that God is doing in His glory. He’s taking nothing and He’s making something. He’s taking what looks so impossible and He’s making it supernaturally possible.

SID: This is probably why you’re saying that now, more than any other time, is the time to press in for the glory.

JOSHUA: This is the time when God is wanting us to go further in His glory than ever before because there’s so much new that’s available for us. As believers, sometimes we’ve been stuck in a rut or we’ve been just used to the same old thing, but God’s wanting to take us out of what’s been familiar or what’s been known and lead us into the dimensions of all that He has for us in the promises of God.

SID: Now, you say that God’s glory is always progressive. Explain that.

JOSHUA: Well, I believe that revelation’s always progressive. God takes us from the realms of faith into the realms of anointing and gives us faith and anointing to lead us into the realms of glory. Those three realms together, faith, anointing, and glory, those three sides, spiritually speaking, create a new dimension where we access the more of God, the greater of God, the fullness of God in all of His goodness and all of His glory.

SID: Now, that’s good that you operate that way. But what about you? What about the person that’s looking at you right now and is saying, “Well, that’s wonderful for Joshua, but can I? I haven’t been to Bible school. I’m a housewife. I don’t have enough time to pray like I want to. Can I move in this?”

JOSHUA: I want to tell you this right now, that no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what you’ve been going through, God wants you to move in His glory to a place where you begin to live in this realm. There is so much more available for you. As you begin to press in under the anointing, there’s going to be a flow of glory that begins to take over and ushers you into the newness of God.

SID: The thing that you share, talk and teach about is in this glory, it just happens. We don’t have to do anything.

JOSHUA: Right, right.

SID: I like that.

JOSHUA: There’s an ease. There’s a rest in the glory. It’s flowing in the glory. It’s not working, it’s not laboring. We labor to enter into the rest. That’s what the Scriptures say. But when we’re in the rest, it’s in that place we just get to flow in the goodness of who God is.

SID: Now, you have an angel. As a matter of fact, he has three angels that travel with him. But one in particular intrigues me. He’s an angel that causes miracles. Joshua has found there is a way to—everyone has an angel. There’s a way to cooperate with your angels and a way to muzzle your angels. We’ll talk about that when we come back.

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