QUESTIONER #2:  How are your denominations taking this research that you’ve done? You come from both different denominations and I’m just wondering how are your churches taking it?

CRIS:  My church is actually having me teach on the book Petrus Romanus on this Malachi prophecy and our writings there, so they’re somewhat accepting. I mean I think that some people are always reserved when it comes to End Times theories a lot of times because there’s been so many ideas that have seemed to be discredited. We’re not setting any dates. We’re just talking about things that are factual. I mean the fact that this prophecy has been around, it was published in 1595, and so this is beyond dispute. Now how’d it really gone over, a lot this stuff about UFO’s and aliens, my church is really not aware of that yet, so we’ll— (laughs)

SID:  But Cris, you are such a— scholar, such a theologian. How in the world could you get into such a subject as this!?


CRIS:  I’ll you what, I mean— I’m honest with myself, and I’ve looked at the data, okay. And I list some books, in our book “Exo-Vaticana” that you, other than our book. There’s one called, there’s two, there’s two really good ones, but one by Leslie Kean, and she has a column in the Huffington Post, too. But it’s about UFO’s and it’s about sightings of pilots and generals and military officials. Okay? The governor of Arizona, Fife Symington, he was an officer in the Air Force. He saw a mile wide craft fly over Phoenix. Okay? Thousands of people saw this. If you don’t believe me go home and look it up.

SID:  Thousands?

CRIS:  Thousands of people saw it. And I mean like the movie “Independence Day,” you know, we think that if something like that happened everybody would know about it, right?  Well they don’t. It’s happened! More than once. It happened over Hudson Valley New York in the 1980’s. —but you go home and look up the “Phoenix lights” and look up Fife Symington.” He was the governor of the state. And he, he kept it quiet when it happened and like 6-7 years later he came out and admitted that he saw it and in his opinion it was not of this world. And he was a former Air Force officer.

SID:  Huh! Tom.

TOM:  And many of these experts also talk about there being a spiritual dynamic. That many of these appearances give people a kind of a religious euphoria. But sometimes the appearance itself behaves in ways that seems almost to be intelligent, it can metamorph. One of our insiders is Nick Pope who ran the UFO investigation department for the  military of defense in Britain and I’ve talked with Nick on many occasions and Nick told me that now the government of Britain is actually preparing a high tech “apparati” to defend Britain from an alien invasion.

SID:  This is serious stuff. But how does your, how does your sphere of influence, the Assembly of God, the charismatic world react to your two books?

TOM:  You have to understand that this really cutting edge. There are some of them who wonder why we would even pursue a prophecy from a Catholic source. But then there’s others that are in the organization that believe like we do that you can’t limit how God might determine He’s going to express a truth. For instance, Nebuchadnezzar, a narcissistic evil king is given one of the most profound revelations in history with his great image and then God even requires His servant Daniel to interpret it for the king.  You have Balaam, a sorcerer who’s prophesying against Israel. He’s a sorcerer for hire, and yet he says “a scepter shall rise out of Judah, a star in Jacob,” and this is the very prophecy that leads the Magi probably in the New Testament to find the birth of Christ so sometimes revelation comes in ways that doesn’t fit into our neat little denominational boxes and that’s certainly true for the Assemblies of God, too.

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