SID: Now, I don’t know about you, but when I even think of a coloring book, I like to color, not that I do it, although they found it’s pretty relaxing, I like to color inside of the lines, but you had a son that liked to color outside of the lines.

KRISSY: Yes, and he still does. It’s amazing how God will use our children to speak powerful lessons to us. One morning I had, actually in the middle of the night, I had woken up and I was agonizing over just had I said something wrong? Had I said it the wrong way? I just needed to hear from Him. I was weeping and crying out to Him, and suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke, and he said to me, “Krissy, it’s okay for you to color outside the lines. It’s okay.” I got it.

KRISSY: All of a sudden, I was taken back and remembered this moment where I saw my son and my daughter, they were both coloring. My daughter’s older than my son. She was being taught in kindergarten at the time about coloring inside the lines. That was just a real passion point for her. I saw him look over at her paper and look at his, and it was this moment of comparison, where he realized, “Oh, maybe I am just scribbling.” He just looked at her and these crocodile tears began to pour out of his eyes.

KRISSY: That’s what the Father was showing me that I had been doing. I was looking over at that person’s paper, and I was realizing how they were doing it and mine couldn’t compare. He said to me those words, “It’s okay to color outside the lines.” Then He began to say to me, “You were created to stand out and not be boxed in. You are an original.” I believe that’s a word for people watching too, that God would say to you, “You are an original, and it’s time to embrace our uniqueness, and just be not afraid to color outside the lines.”

SID: I’m reminded of the fingerprint. Do you know why they take fingerprints? Because no one has the same fingerprint. No one is created to do what you are created to do better than you. You are the original. Don’t let the devil bash you in, because you are God’s workmanship.

SID: Krissy, 4:00 AM in the morning, you’re up. You’re sipping your coffee and God speaks to you. What did He say?

KRISSY: It was at the time when I was working on my book, and I was wondering, “What am I going to call this thing that you’re birthing in me God? What is your heart for this?” I was getting up really early in the morning to seek Him. With small children, that was kind of the only time I could get away with Him, was, well this was 4:00 AM, because my children are very early risers, painfully so.

KRISSY: 4:00 AM, sipping my coffee, and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit just stops me in my tracks, and he whispers this secret on the Father’s heart. He just says, “Krissy, God thinks you can do anything.” I just stood there and I wept, and I got it. “Wow, He thinks I can do anything. If God thinks I can do anything, then who am I to disagree with God?” We need to know that. Everybody watching and listening needs to know that God thinks you can do anything. He paid a great price for us to be able to do absolutely everything through Him. The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is living in us and moving and operating in us in our everyday. In the seemingly ordinary, we can encounter the extraordinary of God. He thinks we can do anything.

SID: I want you to speak this into the spirit of those watching or in the studio audience right now. Will you do that?

KRISSY: Yeah, yeah. I hear that word deposit like a seed. Let these words be a deposit like a seed that are going to be planted in good ground in your heart, that God thinks you can do anything. Nothing is impossible with Him, and He is living and active inside of you. I just declare an activation over that right now in each and every one of us, in me, in you, that we be activated in breaking down everything that would hinder us from agreeing with that simple truth.

KRISSY: I declare and I proclaim right now over you, that God thinks you can do anything. It is time, the Lord says it is time for you to begin to agree with the plans and promises of God, that He has created you for such a time as this, to rise up in the boldness and the meekness of Christ Jesus, and just declare to yourself every day, lock eyes in the mirror and say, “God thinks I can do anything.” Let’s do it right now together.

SID: Okay.

KRISSY: Okay, ready? God thinks I can do anything.

Audience: God thinks I can do anything.

SID: God thinks I can do anything.

KRISSY: Anything.

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