BARBARA:  The last time I came into increase He [God] had me give away an expensive diamond ring. So this car is a Lexus. He said “Give it away.” He told me who to give it away to. And I told him [the man], I told him already so now I’m committed. But I haven’t had time to get a new car yet. But listen to me. You have to let go, until you let go you can’t get, because you’re hanging on to what you have. And I declare today that there is an anointing to let go of what is making you feel safe, because until you get out and start walking on the water, you’re not going to experience the supernatural. You’ve got to get out of what you think you’re able to do. I don’t have money for a new car. If anybody here wants to donate, feel free–


BARBARA:  I’m messing with you– but I believe God. I don’t know what this is about. I just know, I know God well enough to know that when I let go He shows up. And so the New Testament Church was a church that didn’t hold on to anything. And it was totally supernatural. –I’ve been saying “God anytime you want to transport me, go ahead.” I’d speak to some Ethiopian anyway. Philip literally opened up Africa by preaching to the Ethiopian eunuch and what happened was that he was supernaturally transported. I believe those are the days that we are entering and you need to begin to believe God for that. You need to get out of your American culture western mindset and begin to get into the supernatural. –And the person who lives inside of you is not one bit limited. If He made the worlds can’t He make a way before you? And you’ve got to let go of people. I remember when the Lord said to me, He said: “I want you to quit focusing on your family.” He didn’t tell me to leave them. He said; ‘leave your family to Me and just do My work and just trust Me with them. Some of you are holding onto your children. You know you’re afraid to do something because you’re still holding onto your children. Let go! Let them go so you can get in to God’s best for you. And there’s an emotional– see when you get ready to break through there’s things that will keep trying to pull you back to keep you neutralized and to keep you powerless and impotent. And that’s one of the words that “threshold” means. It means to snatch, to pull back, habits, mindsets. Well we’ve never done [it] this way before, well so what we’ve never done it before this way. (Barbara gives a word of knowledge: I want you to just stand up. [man wonders if it’s him]. Yeah– you for God’s sake– And I want you to just put your hands up in the air, now just turn around, three times. (audience laughs) Now do it a little faster. See if you get them dizzy enough they’ll fall out– (laughter) No, but you see there’s a supernatural realm that God wants to deliver you into and there’s a word in your mouth. There is an evangelistic anointing on you. God is going to begin to open doors to people that you wouldn’t believe He’s going to open doors to. Money’s going to begin to come to you supernaturally. There’s a business God is going to deliver into your hands, I don’t know what it is, but I know there’s going to be supply, and there’s going to be time to do the will of God. But He said I want you to get out of where you’ve been comfortable, because it’s like you’ve been in a place of– sort of discomfort, of maybe almost misery, of feeling captured in a certain place, and in the power of the name of Jesus I just say that there is fresh oil from the throne coming on you today to break you out and to break you in to a new mindset. And to literally say it’s not about me, it’s about Him, and I can do what He said I can do. Amen?)


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