FRANCIS:  And the Lord said, “Son, the reason I did that is because I knew he was the voice that was to prepare the way for the Jewish Messiah to come and then he said John’s tenure of ministry on earth was so short I could not let him struggle with the genetics of his ancestors when it’s such a short time before he was beheaded. And–I am told that John’s ministry from the beginning to the time he was beheaded was 6 months. From the time he began to proclaim the Messiah to the time when his head was cut off was like 6 months. When you have a 6 month ministry on earth you don’t have time to fight with everything that is in your bloodline. The devil is a liar. So God is like, uh, uh, I’m taking you out so you are not sharing in that genetics. And in six months he was here, he proclaimed the Messiah, his head was cut off, and Jesus said he was the greatest prophet ever to come out of a woman’s body. Are you with me? Are you catching what I’m saying? And then finally He said to me go to Paul. He said Paul knew about this. Disassociating yourself from that allegiance. And not denouncing your family, because I mean God’s got other family but you are legally [detaching] yourself from that genetic inheritance that’s corrupted from your ancestors because there’s a better one in the house and it’s the genetics of the Messiah. Are you catching what I am saying? So in Philippians 3 we find the same thing with the Apostle Paul. He talks about: he said if any man has got any desire, has any reason to boast in the flesh he says I’m more. And he begins to list his pedigree, he wrote the Hebrews, from the tribe of Benjamin. He lists all these things and most of them have to do with lineage. Then he says but all of these things have I counted loss for the sake of the Messiah. Are you with me? I’ve exchanged all of this because I– am part of a better and more superior generation, His generation. Are you catching what I am saying?


FRANCIS:  So we are going to do this together, amen? I am going to be praying for you–. So what I want to do now is– let’s have the bloodlines– and do this prophetic act. I don’t know about you but I am believing God for some miracles. I’m believing God! Hallelujah!! Oh, I feel the anointing!! Hallelujah– I mean– man, we have had people with blood disorders and they jumped the line and it was over. Diabetes gone. I’m telling you this is powerful stuff. Amen? It’s a prophetic act. But it’s a prophetic act that releases your faith and it tells God you are appropriating His ration of genes. Amen? You see the Lord says you can’t serve two masters. Is that right? It’s a principle. It’s a principle, is right? You can’t serve two what? Two masters. It’s a principle that applies to more than just money. Amen? So with using that principle: you can’t serve two masters, the Lord said to me, ‘If you can’t serve two masters then how can you serve two bloodlines? My bloodline and the blood of your ancestors?’ You can’t do it. You’ve got to give up one. So one becomes preeminent. Okay? That’s what we’re about to do. So then another thing I asked the Lord as we’re getting ready to do this, I said but Lord, so when we denounce our allegiance to the lineage, the corrupted lineages of our ancestors, okay, corrupted lineage of our ancestors, I asked him two things. I said, ‘Lord, does this mean that are we denouncing the good things we’ve seen in our lineage?’ But you know I love Jesus, He’s the Word, He’s got an answer for everything. He says what does James say? Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord.

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