GARY: I go to Baptist conventions. And they say “Just don’t talk about tongues.” I said, “That’s easy!” I’ll talk about God, He’ll manifest, they will experience Him, then when they pray in tongues we won’t have any problem. (audience laughs) Because that’s not my problem. I don’t have to teach something, because when Peter stood up and he went into Cornelius it’s as he spoke the Holy Ghost fell on them, they began to pray in the Spirit. So it wasn’t about giving them a teaching they had do what I did, it was about God manifesting and they do what God does. Now how many of you heard him? Do what he says! I just want to take a few moments, let’s all stand up, and we’re going to engage, it might take– how many of you are willing to give God another three or four minutes? I mean do you think He has time? –You probably set– well it’s almost 12 o’clock– You probably set yourself free between now and about 2, right?” I mean how many of you really don’t have any plans at all going on ‘til about 2 o’clock? If you have some it’s time for you to leave right now, you’d better get going because you don’t want to be late. (audience chuckles) So we’re just going to pray. We’re just going to let God have access to us because we have access to Him. Right at this moment I want you to do something. Identify your “personal presence of God.” Now everybody look at me for a minute. If ask you about your personal presence of God, how many of you it’s not at your feet level? All right.      How many of you it’s not behind you? All right. How many of you it is in the central medium steinum sternum 8:00 ?? of your being. It’s like in this atmosphere we could call your heart. If we talk about your personal presence of God how many of you this is where you identify Him? How many of you have that. You all have that. What’s amazing is once we know that, then that’s where I hear from. I don’t start thinking I hear from anywhere else but where I know His presence is. So we mind [pay attention to] our own personal presence of God. We identify this is His person alive in me. Go ahead, just talk to Him. He’s here. Just thank God He’s present with you. He lives in you. You live in Him, you move in Him, your being is in Him. He is alive. He is present. He’s in power. He raised you in resurrection life. He crowns you with glory and honor. He called you His own. All inferiority, all guilt, all shame– there is no sense of separation between you and Him. Huh! You’re the “apple of his eye” [in the center of His attention] You’re the desire that was set before Him, who endured the cross, despite the shame– Ah, you are His very own. Oh, we bless You, we bless You, we bless you. Now how many of you are experiencing that presence increase in your life? What happens it not only increases in dimension but it also increases in power, in veracity, if you will, truth having authority. So let’s let Him have greater increase in our life. It’s not that the glory of God is coming from somewhere else, it’s coming through us. You see when Jesus returns He’s going to return as much through you as He’s going to return to this earth because the body is not separated from the Head. Just speak to Him as the One who indwelt you, who lives in you in power, who fulfills His will through you, who has made you His masterpiece, who has inaugurated you a king and a priest unto your Father. Oh Jesus, we bless You– We know YOU. We know no man after the flesh. We know YOU. Ha! We know you in power. We know You in love. We know You in life. We know You in grace. We know You. (Audience repeats each phrase after Gary): Where I go You are, what you’re speaking I speak, what you’re doing I do. The voice of another I never follow. I am more obedient to You than I’ve ever been. And I trust You. You never fail, so I can’t fail. And I give you praise. I bless you, Lord. Oh, go ahead and give Him praise and thanksgiving. Just bless Him.

SID:  Ah, well thank the Lord for the gift in Dr. Gary Whetstone. Thank you Lord, thank you Father. But I’ll tell you what, in this atmosphere all things are possible! Whether you’ve heard a word for your condition or not,   all, all, all, all, all, all, all, all things, I tell you, all things  are possible. Let me pray an ancient Biblical prayer over you, that God Himself said to Moshe Rabbenu, Rabbi Moses. If you will pray this prayer over the Jewish people I will seal them with My name. But I’m going to pray this prayer from looking back to the cross. Moses prayed this prayer looking to the cross. The Lord has healed you. The Lord has sealed you with His name. The Lord has given you His fullness, His peace. The Lord has already healed you. He’s already healed you. There are people here the manifestation has not occurred in your neck yet, or your back, taste and see, it’s just happened in Yeshua’s name.    There’s some people whose knees, you have pain in your knees, you’ll see, ha, it’s gone. There’s even some people here with tattoos that wanted them gone, ha, they are gone in Jesus name. There’s some people that are having difficulty breathing with allergies, clear, open in Yeshua’s name. There’s even some people not just with tattoos but deformities on your body, sores and things, they’re gone in Jesus name. The Lord is surrounding you right now with His favor. His favor! He’s already giving you His favor.   He has already, right now, He’s gifting you right now, receive His gifts. He is gifting you right now! The Lord is giving you His super abundant Shalom right now! His peace. No weapon formed against you can prosper! His peace trumps every weapon of the enemy! In the name that is above every name, Yeshua ha Mashiach, Tsidekenu. He’s saying backs, if you didn’t have it before you got it now, pains are gone. Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness. And all God’s people said, Amen!


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