PAUL:  [PRAYING AND IMPARTING] So Lord we pray right now in the name of Jesus, we thank You that You are a God of miracles. We declare God that You are not finished with America and we break that spirit off of the church and the consciousness of all God’s people. You are not finished with America, and Lord, right now in the name of Jesus we receive by faith the outpouring of a Third Great Awakening. We receive by faith an infusion of power, and right now in the name of Jesus I want you to not doubt, simply be open to it like a little child-at this moment the Lord is setting you on fire with the power of the Holy Spirit, and if you focus your eyes on the Lord you’re going to notice that you are being set on fire by the power of the Holy Spirit, and that you are burning in the Holy Spirit. And that burning and that fire is a Third Great Awakening, and everybody in this room who is open to it and not resisting it is being set on fire by the power of the Holy Spirit. You’re burning and you’re being set on fire. And the Lord is breathing His life in you and the Lord wants you to knows that at this second – not tomorrow not next week – but at this second the Lord is setting you on fire at a greater dimension in the spiritual realm, and there is a supernatural impartation with force, with dominion, with kingdom glory, and the spirit of God is setting you on fire-and I speak to you now under the anointing of the Holy Spirit that you have been set on fire right now because you were called for such a time as this. And the Lord is saying He wants you to rise in spiritual authority and allow Him to set you on fire. And for every single person that has received that with child-like faith you are being set ablaze in the spirit. You are being set on fire by the Spirit. And the Lord is saying:  “You will remember this day for the rest of your life for this was the day that I lit you on fire again for a purpose.” In Jesus name. Amen and amen.

SID:  [CLOSING IMPARTATION]   Thank you. Would you please stand? Now don’t get faked out. When he prayed that you will be ablaze with fire, if you did not feel a fire that does not mean you did not receive the anointing. You keep that in mind. It’s all by faith. It’s all by faith. Some of you did feel a fire. But some of you felt just a nice presence of God. Don’t stop what God has started. If you were opened, you received. My Bible says:  “Everyone who asks receives. Everyone who seeks finds. Everyone who knocks the door shall be opened.” The Lord is blessing you right now. The Lord is keeping you right now. The Lord, He’s smiling upon you right now. The Lord is gifting you, just receive, just receive. The Lord is gifting you right now. The Lord is surrounding you with His favor right now, supernatural favor. The Lord is giving you His Shalom, His completeness right now. Completeness in your spirit, completeness in your soul, and completeness in your body right now in the Name that is above every problem: Yeshua Ha Mashiach Tsidkenu, Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness. And all God’s people:  Stop their pity party, stop their depression, stop their moaning and groaning, stop their gossip and recognize that they have been called to the kingdom for such a time as this – because now is the set time, now is your time! Do not look back, look forward, on the high calling that you have been called to. In Yeshua’s name, in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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