WOMAN #4: He was going through all the surgeries with me after we’d gotten married. We spent mostly all of our time at the hospital.


WOMAN #4: And for the past three years I’ve had nothing but severe headaches. They put a permanent shunt in my neck so I couldn’t move my neck from side to side.


WOMAN #4:  And praise the Lord I can move my neck now!


BILL: Now let me ask you. Did you, did you feel anything happen or did you just discover it?

WOMAN #4: There was a pop. There was a pop.

BILL: A pop?

WOMAN #4: When my husband was praying over me.

BILL: Is that right?

WOMAN #4: I could finally hear. It’s like I went to chiropractors for years because I have back issues but I’m [laughing] I could finally move my neck without pain!


BILL: Thank You, Lord! How’s your back?

WOMAN #4: I have scoliosis so I’ve had back surgeries when I was a child but –

BILL: How is your back now?

WOMAN #4: I still have a curved spine but that’s –  [laughing]

BILL: Is there any pain?

WOMAN #4: No, no pain.

BILL: There’s no pain?

WOMAN #4: No pain in Jesus’ name!

BILL: All right. Well He makes crooked places straight!

WOMAN #4: Yes He does! Hallelujah!

BILL: He makes crooked places straight so we thank You for that, Lord!


BILL: Amen. Bless you!

WOMAN #4: God bless you too!

BILL: Yeah! Thank you.

WOMAN #4: God bless you too!

SID:  God’s wonderful! All right. Any other happy people in the room? Yeah? [laughing]


BILL: Anyone else real quickly want to just give a report of what Jesus did? Whenever you share a testimony you actually release the possibility of another miracle! It’s a really important thing. We’re never to hold. It’s not always a –

SR:  I see someone all the way in the back.

BILL: Way in the back you want? Okay.

SID:  Come on up!

BILL: Let’s have 2 or 3 of you just come up here real quick if you put your hand up.

SID:  All right. There’s someone over here. Come on.

BILL: Yeah. Just come up. We’ll just do 2 or 3 and then we can wrap this up. But come on. Come on down!


BILL: Come on down! Show you what you’ve won! No –  [laughing] 


BILL: Okay. What did Jesus do for you?

WOMAN #5: I had bone spurs in my neck and every time I would move my neck it would crackle and pop and hurt and it doesn’t crackle or pop or hurt anymore!


It’s like I got a got a brand new neck!


BILL: Did you feel it happen?

WOMAN #5: At first when they first started praying for me I felt like something over my head right here.

BILL: Yeah.

WOMAN #5: It felt almost like a pressure. And then that lifted and then I felt very woozy for a while. [laughing]

BILL: Woozy is good! Woozy is good! That’s awesome.


BILL: Bless you. What did Jesus do for you?

WOMAN #6: Hi. In the 90’s I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis possibly since I was a child. And in the last couple of years I can hardly turn my neck and if I do this real quick I would feel like a bungee cord pulling my neck and it hurts really bad. And when the lady put –  as you were praying the lady put her hand on and I felt like a heat come through my right hand side and now I can do this and I don’t feel a bungee cord.

BILL: [LAUGHING] That’s wonderful!


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