SID: Hello. You know, I’ve been talking from the last several years now about the glory of God and how to be a carrier of the glory of God and my guest, Jennifer Eivaz is a carrier of the glory of God. But for starters, Jennifer, what is the glory to you?

JENNIFER: To me, it’s the manifest presence of God. It’s something you would see, something you would experience and that’s the glory of God. It’s not invisible and hidden. You experience it, you will witness it and it transforms you.

SID: Tell me about the first time you experienced the glory of God?

JENNIFER: Without even knowing to define it as the glory. I was at a women’s conference and what happened is it’s like the heavens parted, you know, and it’s like the air parted over me and I could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit just pouring out upon us. And, and that was such a tremendous life changing experience for me. I never forgot it.

SID: One of the main ingredients to be a carrier of the glory is relationship, friendship, you teach with the Holy Spirit.

JENNIFER: Yes, you know, and I really didn’t know that for a lot of years. I took note however, of men and women of God who carried the glory consistently. They all said the same thing. They said, he’s my friend. And I began to realize that maybe the Holy Spirit wants me to be his friend and I began to take that journey with him. Holy Spirit, can I be your friend? Will you show me how?

SID: And is that exactly the way you were praying?

JENNIFER: Yeah, very simply. And I just asked him, I said, will you show me how to be your friend? Can we be in a relationship? Can I experience you and encounter you continuously?

SID: So how many times a day might you have said that?

JENNIFER: I would say it was a continual prayer and until I had an encounter where I said, now we’ve connected.

SID: Tell me about that.

JENNIFER: I was in our prayer chapel and again, I’d been really seeking out to the Holy Spirit for friendship. I was looking for connection. I was looking for something I could feel continuously ’cause I couldn’t quite feel him the way I thought I should. And I began to pray that prayer again and again and again. And then in the prayer chapel at our church, all of a sudden it’s like he walked into the room. Not only did he walk into the room, I felt his presence come upon me.

SID: You know, as you’re sharing that I can feel his presence.

JENNIFER: I can feel his presence, yeah, and so I completely felt his presence upon me and then I started noticing as I continue to pray that prayer, he would come in and he would do the same thing. I just started noticing again and again when I invited him, he came.

SID: What does it, if you can put it in words, what does it feel like when your friend comes to you? What do you feel like?

JENNIFER: I feel different things because he’s a person, you know, he’s God, but he is a person and it’s not the same all the time. Sometimes it’s like I feel his hands on my back, you know, like a friend, very comforting. Other times it’s like I can feel his face is joyful face in front of me. Sometimes he will stand peacefully beside me. And sometimes he gets very fierce when he’s about ready to minister and he wants me to do something in partnership with him, I’ll feel his fierceness cause he’s going after something in somebody that he wants them delivered from.

SID: Now you talk about a friendship, do you really mean that? Really as like a best friend?

JENNIFER: I do. He wants closeness with us. He wants nearness with us. He’s always wanted newness with us, on our end we failed it many times, but nevertheless he doesn’t stop trying. And so when we invite him into that nearness, he will respond to that invitation and then he will teach you his presence and how to flow with him.

SID: You know, the glory of God comes in different forms. All of your senses are activated to see, hear, smell. But the thing that intrigues me the most is what is known is the glory cloud. People have seen over me, a cloud of glory. People have seen over you a cloud of glory, but it’s one thing for people to see it and it’s another for you to see it.


SID: You just saw the glory cloud. Tell me about it.

JENNIFER: I know many people have seen the glory cloud much like you have spoken of, and I celebrate it, but I never saw it myself until just recently at a conference at our church. First Time I ever saw it, I saw it with my physical eyes, actually right in front of me and it was like a cloud, a mist, and I saw it moving over the heads of the people, and it was like moving and I’m like, that’s the cloud of glory. I knew what happened when that cloud appeared?

SID: What?

JENNIFER: And I could physically see it. Miracles started breaking out in that meeting that we’ve never experienced before as a church.

SID: There is a key that you’re about ready to hear, and when we come back, I want you to tell me about the revolutionary change that occurred in your life in the city of Perth, Australia was at a church called Paradox. Be right back.

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