SID: Hey, you two really have got our studio audience going. But Rob, briefly summarize the three-fold miracle mandate, and I really like that word “mandate.”

ROB: It’s a command.

SID: Whoa.

ROB: God blesses mankind with three blessings. Now, provision gives us our sense of security. Wholeness gives us our sense of love and acceptance, and the authority gives us our sense of significance. God created us like this. All people need these things. They need security. They need acceptance. They need significance.

SID: Everyone wants this.

ROB: It’s how we’re made. When Adam and Eve distrust God and disobey him, they look outside of God for these things, and that’s why they release the curses.

SID: He has found this pattern of three all over the Bible of this miracle mandate. So what he’s saying is in the wilderness, there was that same pattern of three. Explain that now.

ROB: The same tempter, the same devil that came to Adam and Eve, this is why Jesus is called the second Adam, because he has to go through the same test, but Jesus trusts his heavenly father implicitly for all these things, for his security, for his acceptance, and for his significance. He’s victorious. He leaves the wilderness in the power of the Spirit, and he goes on to have an overflow in his life of miracles, of provision, of healing, and of authority.

SID: So Aliss, is this what you’re looking for? People that you equip, that when they understand and get their revelation of the three-fold miracle mandate, that they would go in explosive power of God?

ALISS: Yeah, because the message it’s a wonderful revelation, but it’s so simple, and when they get it, they can go and do the same things. We had a young lady come into our shop one time called Lisa, and she had a powerful business, but it was actually tapping into the wrong power. She was involved in the occult, but she was attracted by our sign outside our shop that said, “free healings and miracles,” and she went wondering what it was all about. She gets prayed for, and she recognizes the true power of God.

ALISS: She goes back to her business, she’s actually doing a Reiki healing session which is counterfeit healing, not through Jesus. In the room doing this session, she’s watching all these spirits, and she thinks Jesus is there doing this universal energy healing, but then she has a vision of the real, true Jesus, who walks into the room and says, “Stop what you’re doing!”. And she’s taken aback and she realizes it’s the true Jesus. She’s been living a lie all these years, so she ends up giving up her whole business, she gives her life to Jesus, and now she’s at a ministry school and she’s helping other people who are involved in new age and occult practices to follow Jesus.

SID: Now Rob, you had a very serious, very personal experience in the area of provisions, what happened?

ROB: That’s right. This is going back nearly 20 years, where we had a young family, we had two young kids, and we’d got into some debt problems for various reasons. It’s very common thing, isn’t it? We’d remortgaged our house, and we were in trouble.

SID: Now unfortunately, there are a lot of people relating to what you’re saying right now.

ROB: Yeah, so as a young man, I’ve got a vivid memory of getting up in the morning, I used to like to go running, and it’s raining, and I’m running through the rain, and what can you do? I remember just crying out to God, “Please deliver me and my family from this crushing debt,” and God did an amazing thing. I wish I could reach out to that young man jogging through the rain and tell him, “It’s going to be all right. It’s going to be better than all right because God’s going to do something amazing.”

ALISS: And what happened was we thought we should put the house on the market, but if we sold the house, we would have still been in some debt, but the Holy Spirit said, “Don’t sell it!” So, we tried to be obedient. We lived by faith. Every month, waiting and waiting and waiting, and after 11 months, the Lord then said, “Now, sell the house.”

ALISS: Now, what we didn’t realize is that if we’d the sold the house 11 months previously, we still would’ve been in debt. But over those 11 months, the price of the house rose. It just escalated so much over 11 months, that when the Lord said, “Now, sell the house,” not only did we pay off our five mortgages, half a million dollar’s worth, but we had enough money to buy a wonderful house, cash, a car, cash, and took our family to ministry school for a year in America with the cash that was left.

SID: There’s so many people watching right now and they say, “Why them? Why not me?” Answer them.

ROB: If you’re in that situation right now, we know how that feels, and it can be a hard road, but we have to trust God. We have to have that faith that just puts ourselves in his hands, and it may not turn out like you may think it might turn out. We thought we might get a check through the post. It did not work like that for us. We had to let go of what we thought was a gift of God in order to have the real treasure, and that’s what he’s going to do for you.

ROB: So I pray, Lord, for breakthrough, financial breakthrough, whatever it takes to deliver people watching into that place of provision in Jesus’ name.

SID: When we come back, I want Rob and Aliss to pray for miracle breakthroughs in every area of your life, and pray to activate the three-fold miracle mandate, just for you, when we return.

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