God made a covenant with His people, with the shed blood of Jesus Christ. When I see the blood, ‘a blood covenant is a binding agreement between two parties; a relationship that is sealed by the use of the blood.’ Now the first time, when my Grandma’s teaching me about the blood of Jesus of course, but the next time I got into the blood was watching an old western TV movie. When the Indians and the man, Indians and the cowboys made a blood covenant together; they would cut the hand and put it together and shake hands and do this, and they had their, “we’re not going to fight each other anymore; we’ve got a blood brother here,” Blood brother, that’s-that’s my relationship back in the old western time frame. In-in the middle east and some of the Asian countries around the world, they would cut their fingers or cut a spot in their hand and they’d shake on it and the blood mingled together so they had the blood covenant, like in England and France, they had the, the blood covenant. When God created Adam He instituted the covenant of the blood. Genesis 3:21, “Unto Adam also to his wife did the Lord make coats of skin, and clothed them.” After Adam and Eve sinned, they tried to cover themselves with fig leaves off a tree, but the leaves could not hide them. When God saw their sin, animals’ coats of skin were used to cover them, that means the blood covenant. That means an animal died. The first blood covenant was shed to cover the sin of Adam and Eve. Blood was said-shed to cover the sin of men. Only this could continue with our fellowship with God because of the blood. Genesis 4:2 and 5, “And she bare another brother, Abel. And Abel was keeper of the sheep. Cain was a tiller of the ground. And in the process of time it came to pass, they were taught to bring an offering to God.” Now, Adam had taught them to bring the proper offering to God. Just like we should be taught, they were taught to bring the proper offering to God. “And Abel brought an offering of the firstlings of his flock…” animals, blood,  .”..and the fat thereof,” to offer to God. “And the Lord had respect unto Abel and his offering,” because he did it right. He followed the laws of God. “But Cain, He did not respect his offering and Cain was wroth and his countenance fell.”

All you and I got to do is do right. We have to do right and follow the commandments of God. We have to do right and follow the teaching of the Word of God. We’ve got to do right unto the things of God and if we do, God will bless it. How many want to be blessed of God? You at home, you want to be blessed of God? Wave your hand at me if you’re watching ’cause all around the world, I’m telling you God said, “If you do right, I will put My commandments on you and you’ll follow those commandments .” How are you going to please God? Keep the commandments. How many love Him? How many love Him? Do you love the Lord? Are you-do you love the Lord? Do you love the Lord? Do you love the Lord? “If you love Me…” put your hand down, “if you love Me, you’ll keep My commandments.” Oh now let me ask you again now, how many keep the commandments? Oh, wait a minute, one, two, three… Wait a minute, the Bible says “if you love Me…” How many love the Lord? How many love — oh, oh… Put your hand down. How many keep the commandments? See what I’m saying? “If you love Me, you’ll keep My commandments.” “If you love Me, you’ll keep the commandments.” Cain knew. He knew. Cain brought a bloodless offering. Bloodless. God would not require that. God loved Cain, but He required the sacrifice and it was unacceptable. The Bible says, “By faith Abel brought offering to God of a more excellent sacrifice.” The blood covenant, the blood covenant sacrifice. Listen to me. Abel was offered a more excellent sacrifice. It’s true today, it’s true today for all of us. When I enter into the covenant relationship with God by faith, what faith? Faith in Jesus, that’s my faith; faith in Jesus, faith in the Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice. The perfect blood covenant is Jesus Christ. Somebody’s watching on TV or somebody’s here in this audience today with Crohn’s disease. Let me see your hand. Crohn’s. Crohn’s. Crohn’s disease. If that’s you, just slip your hand up. In the name of Jesus right now, I command the healing power of God to flow, and Crohn’s disease is being healed. That terrible disease is gone out of your body, I take authority over it, in the name of Jesus, and by the blood of Jesus, it’s happening right now. Crohn’s leaving your body. Examine, go to the doctor, he will tell you what I am telling you today, by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, by the blood of Jesus, Crohn’s disease being healed. Give God a praise, Crohn’s disease being healed in Jesus’ name.

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