SID: I’m here with my friend Guillermo Maldonado. And now Guillermo, I have been hearing reports about you. Every time I hear you’re in another part of the world. But there is a glory going on in your meetings that are doing things almost unprecedented. For instance, let’s just pick one of the countries you’ve been to recently. Burma. What happened there?

GUILLERMO: Burma was before, now is Myanmar. There was a moment I had been praying for a while in my hotel room, and when I left, I got to the arena, 15000 people, no air conditioning, 110 degrees very hot. My team almost fainted.

SID: You needed a miracle for that alone.

GUILLERMO: Yes. We almost fainted. And before I went to the stage, God said to me, “I just want you to stand there and watch me doing it.” He said, the most powerful miracles you ever seen, you work through it, you work it by faith. He said, “Let me do it. Watch me doing it.” And I just stand there. And the Lord said to me, “Just to declare that there be little kids, deaf and mute from birth, I will touch tonight.” So you were born in that condition?


GUILLERMO: We checked him right now. He was completely deaf. The power of God came upon his  ear. And now he can hear. …..and the presence of God came. And it was such a love, because love is the essence of the presence of God. And when that presence fell in that place, I mean, you saw a lot of people crying and weeping and nobody touched them. And suddenly we start taking testimonies. 35 deaf and mute child were healed in that day … from birth the glory came. That’s what hit and that place was so powerful. We have 95% of those 15000 people were Buddhist.

SID: You didn’t tell me that part.

GUILLERMO: Oh yeah. Wen I asked how many of you want to receive Jesus after what they saw, the love of God came in that place, the people were touching, weeping and crying and they all received Jesus 95%.

SID: You know what?

GUILLERMO: That’s power.

SID: You know what is so to me is, it’s priceless, it’s mind blowing. What he just described, is available to every one of us.


SID: Not only available, God wants you operating in the glory.

GUILLERMO: Yes, come on.

SID: It’s yours.


SID: It’s your inheritance.


SID: It belongs to you.


SID: Tell me another country.

GUILLERMO: I went to Mexico, I went to Mexico. I just came back three weeks ago.

SID: I spoke to someone that was at your meeting there.


SID: Wow. That’s all I got to say.

GUILLERMO: Sid, I’ve studied in my house and I pray for hours and I’m not trying to say so many things, but I prayed and when I went to the stage, the atmosphere was a charge with the presence, in other words, the places that have been, the moment I entered, the atmosphere changes. And I felt that atmospheric 20000 people inside the stadium, it was packed. And suddenly the presence … And the Lord said … Reminded me, he said, “Did you … remind you.” He said, “Remember when I spoke to you?” And I said, “God, what did you say?” He said, “I spoke to you that, there are some miracles you have seen, powerful miracles that you work by my faith.” But now he said, “I want to remind you that I want … I want you to watch me doing it.”

And I say, “God, is all yours.” So when I enter and I stood up in the stage, five hours, Sid. Five hours worshiping God, you will see people getting healed. 10 people in wheelchairs got up. I mean deaf and mute and there was a special miracle. This little child, nine years old, he took a bus to come to the place, 12 hours, as he had to sell … I’m so touched when I hear this, he have to sell plantains to come to the event because he didn’t have any money. He was robbed in the way coming into the capital. He lost his money and then he came to the place, he needed a heart transplant, and he spoke to her mother and he said, “Mom, I will get my miracle when I get to the capital of Mexico.”

[foreign language] so he came, he had the faith and when the glory fell, he said, “I felt like a fire in my chest.” And then he said, and I took all my doctors, they were 20 doctors, they took him, they examined him. [foreign language]

[foreign language]

GUILLERMO: A brand new heart. Nobody touch him. If you’re watching now, there’s a lot of people there. They miss it. They missing organs in your body. This is very usual because there’s a supernatural normal, but the supernatural unusual. And whenever you see this type of miracles, there was some a woman watching this show, one of my previous show here, and she was missing one ovary, and she said when the presence fell in her home, she got a brand new ovary. And this is what the glory does.

SID: I know what I’m saying, I know it as if I’ve seen it happen, I know that on this move of God that is here already, that the average man and woman knows that Messiah will do exactly what he did., and it won’t be on a television show because it will be the new normal for people that have the glory of God on them. Now, many of you, so many have prayed and if you’re honest, you’ve seen few of the prayers answered, and many of you have given up or ask others more gifted to pray for them. Many sick have seen too many of their loved ones die, and now rely more on doctors or medicine.

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