ADAM: As we grow into this language, it says in Hebrews, we move on from the elementary teachings of Christ, and we go into maturity. And God wants us to mature, to understand the language of heaven. When I shared earlier about being captured—

SID: I mean it’d be pretty bad, if we get to heaven, and can’t speak. [laughs]

ADAM: That’s exactly right. And you know, it’s a wisdom that comes from above. Remember, earlier on when I asked the Lord for wisdom, why I had that encounter. But, it’s for everybody, it’s not just for me as a Guru. Jesus made a comment, he said, “That there’s one greater than Solomon here.” He’s talking about himself, but that one greater than Solomon can be activated inside of us, which is Christ and give us such revelation to be able to commune with the Father. And that’s what I believe it’s about as he wants us to search it out. It says in proverbs, “It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search it out.” So, He wants seekers; He wants us to knock and the door will be open. He wants us to seek and find, knock and the door will be open.” And He is there at the door.

SID: Didn’t it frustrate you when you first started in this area.

ADRIAN: Well, initially Adam had a gift, and I use to go to him with dreams. My dreams and others dreams.

SID: See, and I don’t want to do that, I want to know it for myself.

ADRIAN: But the good news is, now that I’m interpreting dreams, and I’m teaching other people to interpret which means that it’s catchable. It’s doable—

SID: Good—

ADRIAN: It’s doable. It’s impartible. You know, one—

SID: Impartible? Do you mean that you could pray, and people watching would get an impartation to understand their dreams better?

ADRIAN: yes.

SID: Is that what you’re saying?


SID: I like that. You see, we’re a McDonald’s generation; instant! [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

ADRIAN: But Adam also, in that Hebrews passage that Adam was talking about. Yeshua as the coming one and so on, it also says, that by “practice you Increase your discernment.” And so, we’ll pray serving this segment, and we’ll impart the spirit of understanding’ so the people can start to see beyond the narrative of the dream, or the vision, or the Scripture. To see beyond what lies beneath it. So, we’re not just looking at what’s begetting ‘Western’, but we’re actually looking into the stalls and seeing what’s really behind them.

SID: It would have been, I know this; this is kind of left field. The question’s coming to me. What about getting a dream from the demonic? How do you know the difference?

ADRIAN: You know, well, there are basically 3 sources to our dreams. We all know God dreams, and we label them as such. Now, the devil does have this capacity, so when Jesus was in the wilderness, he was led up on the mount and he was shown all the kingdoms of the world. Well, they didn’t all exist together, and there wouldn’t be a place physically that you could go. If you went to Everest, you wouldn’t see all the kingdoms of the world. And so we know that the devil has his capacity. When we’re looking for demonic influence, or when we’re picking up a demonic influence in a dream interpretation, we go, “What’s the door for that to come in?” Alright so, the Bible says in Ephesians, “Don’t give any foothold or ground for the enemy to come in. Normally, there’s been a trauma, there’s been unforgiveness or some sort of holding a person to a debt. So what I say to people is this; if you were checking yourself and you’re getting a repeat dream, particularly that tormenting you, then I would say that, or I’d just ask you this question. If all the fields were down and there was no restriction, would you like an apology from that person? And if they say, “Yes”, then what that shows is their heart’s still holding a person owing a debt to them and they need to release them; it says in Matthew 18, “From their heart” otherwise they’re given over to torment. Also, the other thing; there are 3 sources to our dreams. #1 God dreams, #two the devil, and #3 our own heart, flavors our dreams. Ezekiel 14 says, “If a man comes to me or comes to the prophet, and he’s seeking guidance, it says, “I the Lord will answer him according to the idol in his heart.”

SID: Oh, well that’s pretty profound.

ADRIAN: It’s very profound, which means that when we do come to God, we have to be mindful of where our heart is at. And so, we need to remove the idol. What’s the idol? So, God’s there, and I have an idol, and I’m looking at God saying, “Yes, that’s the person I need to marry.” Or, “That’s the car I’m going to buy.” “It’s the job you got for me.” And I’m set on that, God allows me according to that.

SID: Um, that’s a little scary actually.

ADRIAN: It is, it is scary.

SID: What is the very first thing we should do? We’ve had the dream, you’ve already told me. I’ve got a little pad next to my bed, and I write my dream down, and then I try to get back to sleep. Then I wake up in the morning. What’s the very next thing that I should do?

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