SID: Okay. So, Dr. Joe…his wife by the way, he was the spiritual rock. He was the spiritual giant in his household. But he was helpless in bed all the time. So, what did Heidi do about that?

DR. JOE: Well, she started realizing that I had no faith. My faith was completely gone. So, she said, “We’ve got to get rid of everything we know about healing because this is not working.” What we had read. So, she started digging into the word. She started reading books about the spiritual giants of yesteryears that really healed people like John G. Lake and she started watching programs with people who actually healed the sick and started finding out what God said about sickness and diseases and healing. One of the things that she found out was because we were being told oh, you don’t have enough faith. Which is wrong. We were being told oh, you’re a Job. You’re going through this for other people or God put this on you to teach you something. All these different things.

She said, “That can’t be,” because when she started to read the word of God, when she started to read what Jesus did, Jesus healed every person that came to him and he healed every person that God sent him to and that they commanded the sick to be healed. So, she started seeing this and she started praying that way and she started contacting people and she contacted Joan Hunter who is one of my mentors.

SID: We’ve had her on our show a lot.

DR. JOE: Yeah, she’s awesome and she just contacted her by email and she said, “If you can pray for my husband or if you could even call him, this would be great.” Well, on a holiday, Joan calls the house and before she could get, “This is Joan Hunter out of her mouth,” Heidi goes, “I know who this is.” She rushes into the bedroom. She says, “Joan is on the phone. Joan is on the phone. Joan, unbeknownst to us was told by the Holy Spirit, when she got that email, you’re going to have to walk this one through his healing. But she prayed over me and she said, “How are you doing?” I said, “I don’t feel any different.”

I don’t feel any different.

Well, let me pray again.

DR. JOE: So, she prayed again. I didn’t feel any different. She said, “Hmm, I’m going to have to go back to the Lord on this one.” She says, “But I want you to go to the church that really believes in the miracle working power of God, that really believes in healing and knows how to pray.” So, she sent me to a church in Concord. That was really the start of our journey of people who really knew how to pray like Jesus prayed, like the disciples prayed. That’s where we started. From that point on, it took a year of us commanding that sickness and disease. It wasn’t me. At first I just had faith in Heidi’s faith. I had faith in other people’s faith. Pretty soon, my faith started to grow as I realized that I was getting better. I would get to a plateau and the enemy would come. He would say this. “That’s all you’re going to get.” I’d say, “No, enemy. That’s not what I’m going to get. My God is not a 10% God or a 20% God. He’s 100% God.”

So, I would talk to my legs. I would say, “In the name of Jesus, all pain you have to go. All inflammation you have to go back. You have to be aligned with the word of God.” Then I would go to another plateau. This would happen over and over and over again until I was completely healed.

SID: There are so many things that you had backwards. You had as far as your belief in healing, but one of the strongest things you like to talk about is you were praying wrong. But now you command. Explain that whole thing.

DR. JOE: Well, we studied about Jesus, the disciples, the deacons in the Bible. Those four things that Jesus told us to do – heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils and cleanse lepers and tell people the kingdom of heaven is here. Every one of those things you never see Jesus do it. You never see the disciples do it. You never see the deacons do it. This is how we normally pray, right? We go, “Father, heal Sid of this headache in Jesus name. We just ask that you heal him.” They never did that. But he told us to command. That’s what he did. He commanded sickness and disease to go in the name of Jesus. He cast out devils as he commanded them. Jesus didn’t have to use his own name of course. The disciples did and the deacons did. But when he commanded it, they went because he had the authority of the father.

SID: We have the power of attorney of that authority.

DR. JOE: We have the power of attorney. Exactly.

SID: Tell me one more conception you had.

DR. JOE: I think the big misconception that I had was that I wasn’t capable of healing the sick and raising the dead, casting out devils and cleansing lepers in Jesus name. That somehow we have second class citizens in the kingdom. That it’s the leadership that that’s what they’re supposed to do. The Bible doesn’t say that. It says they are to equip us to do that work of ministry. That changed my life around because now it was my responsibility to go out there under the power and the authority that Jesus gave us to do good and destroy works of the devil.

SID: Tell me the very first miracle you can remember of you praying for someone and seeing them healed.

DR. JOE: This is so cool, Sid. We were at a men’s retreat from our church up in the mountains and this was very, very early on before when I started praying like this. There was a man there. The pastor had told us that we should pray for each other. The mantle of God would come on our lives. So, we were up in this old barn with a tin roof and this one man that I was assigned to. I said, “Well, let me pray for you.” I really didn’t know the man very well. I said, “What’s wrong with you?” He said, “I was in the military.” He said, “I was scuba diving and I went too deep and my eardrum blew out. Just literally blew out.” He says, “I’ve had no hearing in that ear and I’ve had pain and buzzing in that ear ever since then.” I think it had been 20 years.

So, I said, “Would you allow me to pray for that?” So, I laid my hand on his heart and I started praying for him. As soon as I touched him, the rain came and it sounded like a cacophony of sound which is just incredible sound. You could hardly hear anything going on. I prayed against that thing and I spoke to that ear in Jesus name and I could literally see the structures in the ear being reformed in Jesus name. So, after I got done and I said amen, the rain stopped. It was just quiet. I looked at him and he was speechless. I said, “What happened?” He said, “The pain and the buzzing is gone.” He said, “But what God did in my heart was so much greater than that.” There was something that had happened in the military that he felt very badly about that he didn’t even know was still there and God took it from him right then and there.

SID: I’ll tell you what. I want Dr. Joe to pray for those that have lost their hope. Those in pain and for miracles of all kinds in a moment. So don’t go away.

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