SID: I really, really pray you catch what I’m about ready to say because it is essential you be on the right side of the coin where we are in history and not make any mistakes. I am seeing a tie in with the greater glory and the salvation of Israel. First, I want you to see these two historic Jewish outreaches because if you didn’t see the video footage they are so supernatural, you wouldn’t even believe it. Let’s take a look

There was a miracle in Haifa, the third largest city in Israel. 32 buses arrived transporting 1700 unsaved, Israeli Jewish people to Sid Roth’s evangelistic outreach featuring a lecture on the supernatural. Then the supernatural began early in Sid’s talk. He spoke out words of knowledge.

SID: God’s starting to heal people there in your gums and in your teeth. God is healing you right now.

60% of the people were instantly healed. Sid knew that he was operating in the glory. Sid usually sees instant healing miracles happen without the laying on of hands. Several saw the tangible glory as a cloud or fire. People took photos of Sid speaking at the event and the glory of God was on him in a tangible way. After they were healed, Sid had their undivided attention to preach the gospel.

SID: I want to pray a supernatural prayer that God would give you a heart transplant.

As Sid finished his talk, he gave a clear invitation.

SID: If you want to know God for yourself, stand up and I’ll pray the prayer over you. All you have to do is stand and I’ll pray it.

1300 unsaved Jewish people stood up to their feet and made a public profession of faith receiving Jesus as their messiah. Three weeks later, Sid had a Jewish evangelistic meeting in Kiev, Ukraine. Over 7,000 people attended including believers, many of whom invited their unsaved Jewish family and friends. At the end, 100% of the audience publicly proclaimed Jesus as their savior and Lord.

SID: What you’re seeing right before your eyes was all prophesied. This is a moment that all of the people that have gone before us to heaven are looking over the balcony, watching the wrap up. You see, God prophesied through Paul the Greater Glory in Romans Chapter 11, verse 12 and 15. So am I saying that Israel stumbled so badly that they’ll never get up? Certainly not.

SID: Rather it was because of their stumble that salvation now extends to all non Jewish people in order to make Israel jealous and desire the very things that God has freely given them. So if all the world is being so greatly enriched through their failure and through their fall, great spiritual wealth is given to non-Jewish people. Imagine. And you know, I think about that song and movie Only Imagine. Imagine this is God speaking through Paul. Imagine how much more? Please get this. Please get the heart of God right now. Imagine how much more will Israel’s awakening bring us all? For if their temporary rejection release the reconciling power of grace into the world, what will happen when Israel is reconciled to God? It will unleash resurrection power throughout the whole earth. The greater glory.

SID: Now this resurrection power that Paul just prophesied about is the greater glory. Earlier, in Romans 9:4 there’s something very few believers have ever noticed. Paul says the glory, that’s what we’re talking, about belongs to the Jew. The job of the Jewish believer always has been and always will be is to take this glory to the Gentiles and interesting enough, the job of the Gentile believer always has been to then take the Gospel back to the Jew. According to Romans 11:11. Together, that one new man, God says in Haggai 2:9, the future glory of the temple will be greater than its past glory. You see, that’s why I call it the greater glory because it’s the glory from the Jewish believer in Jesus and the glory from the gentile believer in Jesus merging into one new man, a new species of being that has never existed before and Numbers 14:21 says, when this occurs, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.

SID: So you see why it’s so important right now for the salvation of Israel, the whole world’s salvation is contingent on that. That’s why the whole world seems to be coming against Israel right now. It’s not a political thing. It’s a spiritual thing and it’s the devil’s worst nightmare when Gentile believers capture the heart of God. Now my next two guests who were on my tour to Israel both had visitations from heaven and will introduce you to the resurrection called the Greater Glory with the salvation of the Jews to release the greatest move of salvation the world has ever seen. Be right back.

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