SID: Now, this should not happen to you. Jodie is in her living room with her daughter and all of a sudden the sliding door slides open and what did you see?

JODIE: Yeah, I saw a spirit of death, a demonic, dark spirit that landed at our back door and immediately–

SID: What did it look like?

JODIE: It was darker than dark. A bodily form, but darker than dark. And both myself and my daughter, we immediately sensed it and saw it straight away because we both looked towards where the door, and we in the physical saw the back door start to open. There was a tangible sense of fear and death. And then right after that though, you know, thank God for Jesus because right after that I, you know, in that darkest fear that we tangibly felt and saw, immediately we saw a bright white light drop immediately at the back door and immediately that darkness left.

JODIE: There was a shift of the atmosphere. There was even an impartation of that ability to decree a shift of an atmosphere. And you know, I’m reminded even now, John 10:10, God came to give us life and life and abundant. And that immediate sense of fear. And I can feel it even here now. Many that have been plagued by a fear of death or fear, just even that fear that plagues them, you know, God is releasing that and breaking that.

SID: Pray that.

JODIE: Yeah. Well I just speak at right over you now, wherever you are in this audience or at home right now. If you’ve been plagued by just a torturous thoughts and a fear of early death over you right now, I just break that hold, that demonic assignment in the name of Jesus and I decree a John 10:10 impartation of life, life, life. You will walk out the days that you are made for in Jesus’ name. I release impartation of expectation of good in Jesus’ name.

SID: Now, you two, again, you’re sleeping and right outside of your bedroom window, what do you hear, Ben?

BEN: Yeah, so this was only a couple of days after that and so we’re in the middle of this season that’s … it feels like everything’s coming against us. All of a sudden it feels like … I hear the sound of a hundred horses come just running up to the bedroom window. Our bedroom window was up against the road and so I hear the sound. It’s snorting and breathing and hooves and–

SID: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you hearing this too or no?

JODIE: No. I’m hearing it, too. It woke us up.

BEN: And they came running up to the window. I jump out of bed, fling open the curtain, expecting to be confronted by all these men on horses and it’s just silent. There’s nothing. And the Lord speaks to me. He says, Ben, the armies of the Lord are encamped around you.

SID: Then when you had that visitation from the angel, God spoke to you. What was imparted to you? What was it?

BEN: It was a commissioning to us to pour out the oil of his presence and power in the nations. And the angel was an angel of awakening. It was the angel of awakening and it came with this commissioning to us. And overnight, everything changed in our lives.

JODIE: Yeah.

There’s a, there was a scripture God gave you. Paraphrase it for me.

BEN: Yeah. In Zechariah 4 he said, these are the two who have called to pour out golden lamp oil worldwide. And it’s a picture in Zechariah 4 of the oil running down the golden pipes to the lamp stand, which is the church, and keeping the fire burning in the church. That oil that lights the fire and keeps it burning.

SID: Not just pour out oil. You’re in Fiji and you hear the most marvelous singing.

BEN: Yes.

SID: Tell me about that.

BEN: Yeah, so I was leading worship at the time. We were there as part of 50 nights of revival that happened. And in the middle of the worship, I’m just in a bit of a prophetic flow, playing the guitar and singing, and I hear this singing start to happen. And it’s not singing I had heard before and I’m looking around, I’m thinking, where’s that coming from? No one was on stage singing. No one in the audience was singing it. And the Fijians sing beautifully. But this wasn’t coming from anyone. And I realized what was going on and I knew the angels were singing and so–

SID: Were you were the only one hearing this?

BEN: No. Every single person there was hearing. And so I actually, I said to everybody, guys, the angels are singing. Just everyone just listen. No one sing or talk and just listen. And the whole meeting, every person, you didn’t have to squint your ears to try and hear. It was overwhelming. There was three angelic harmonies that were singing along with me. It was incredible. And the glory of God came into the room so powerfully. It got very precious and very holy, and the Lord just began to move. And the power of God, people started falling out and getting healed. It was glorious. It was glorious.

JODIE: It was a powerful time.

SID: This pouring out the oil. That, when you had what’s called a … Why was it called the Pineapple Revival?

BEN: Well, it took place in a tourist attraction in Australia called the Big Pineapple. And this is a, a big function center on a pineapple farm with a 40 foot fiberglass pineapple. And as you can see out the front, this huge pineapple, you could go up inside that, but the whole of Australia knew about it as the Big Pineapple. And so everyone started calling it the Pineapple Revival.

SID: What was the earmark of this move of God?

BEN: Well I … Yeah.

JODIE: Contagious hunger. There was contagious hunger that was just poured out.

SID: You mean you can catch the hunger from God.

JODIE: You can catch it!

SID: And you two, when that oil is poured out, you two spread the disease.

BEN: Yeah.

JODIE: Well, I often say, Sid, that if you can catch a cold, then why can’t we have faith to catch the fire of God?

SID: You know, a lot of stuff happens in their home. In their home, Ben and Jodie have created an atmosphere of heaven on earth and they can teach you how to create a door or a portal for heaven to invade your home. Do you want this? I know you do.

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