RICH: So the Lord showed me three levels of prosperity. Now how do we obtain this? When we get to His presence we claim it, we grab it. There’s one thing we do in our meetings when the power of God hits. I tell the congregation raise your hands and grab it! Because so in heaven there’s a place in heaven that has body parts. Did you know that? There is a room in heaven that has, I mean it looks like a cartoon, you know? Body parts all over the place but body parts for who? For people that are willing to get in the presence of God and do this. You see your faith is this. See many people say can you pray for me, can you do this, can you ask God? And we can pray for a long time for your need but you have to come to a place in God that you lift up your arm of faith and you reach out in the presence of the Lord and you grab your miracle, you grab your deliverance, you grab everything that concerns your family. Why don’t you raise your hands right now and say God, I receive what’s mine now!

AUDIENCE:  I receive what’s mine now!

RICH: You see last week we had a week of revival meetings in a church in Orlando and I was talking with people like this. And the Lord says if the people are willing to believe         I will cause money to appear in their pockets. I will cause their credit scores to go from five hundreds to the eight hundreds. I will clear credit card debt from them instantly. Now that was the reaction I got. I’M telling ya you can ask Dr. Sheila Spencer, we have it on our video, when people claimed that next day there was a line of testimonies. A lady with her credit in the 500’s next day was in the eight hundreds. How many of you know that don’t happen just by chance? People had money appear in their accounts by the power of the Holy Spirit! We had people with 58 hundred dollars of credit card debt when they claimed that prosperity in all areas their way God pushed that delete button and that debt was completely canceled. Somebody say God do it for me tonight!

AUDIENCE:  God, do that for me tonight!

RICH: And I believe with the Lord that that’s going to happen in this place that God is going to take you to the levels of prosperity that concerns every area of your life! How many of you have financial problems? Raise your hands on high. Say “God, I receive it now!” 

AUDIENCE:  God, I receive it now!

RICH: I’M telling ya there was a lady who got 38 hundred dollars put on her account the following day. Now you say well you know, people say why would God do that? You know sometimes we want to spiritualize God, you know, well God we just– you know but Jesus, and I saw this in the Bible. You know Jesus multiplied fish and bread. And one time the Holy Spirit says Rich, is it harder for me to multiply U.S. dollars in somebody’s pocket than for me to do fish and bread? And I say no God. I mean so why is it that people are not asking? And people says well God multiplied my fish and bread. But listen, back then we had over 5000 people walking for hours. If God would have multiplied gold coins in their pocket they would have gone back home and die halfway with a lot of money in their pockets. So their need was not money. Their need was food to eat. So no matter what in the glory of God your provision it’s always met. If you need something to eat, food is provided by God. If you need finances money’s provided by God. If you healing, healing is provided by God. So I’M talking about going beyond that miracle power of God that is limited by our understanding to the cure of the physical body. I’M talking about stretching your faith to a place that God can cause things in the natural to be by a miracle change in your circumstance. Now let’s go to Isaiah chapter 53, and I want to touch a couple points. And I like to preach strong and hard because when I was in heaven when the Lord spoke to me Isaiah 53 His word came out of His mouth like a waterfall that picked me up and He threw me across the room and He nailed me on a wall. And I remember thinking like that I was hurt so I started touching my body and I wasn’t hurt. And the revelation came the word of God carries power and the word of God will, I’M telling you, the word of God will knock anything out of your life yet when it happens it doesn’t hurt. I mean it was a simple revelation. And I received then that the proclamation of the gospel has to be with authority. The proclamation of the gospel, that the words of Jesus they carry power. I’ve seen people in the service when I speak to them the word of the Lord be knocked out by the power of God. Because we got to go back to know this that it’s the words that come out of the mouth of Jesus or His Rhema, His Logo that becomes Rhema that changes your life and my life. Amen? Let’s go to Isaiah 53. This is a chapter that it means so much to my life and my ministry. And he says verse 1 “who has believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? For he shall grow up before Him as a tender plant.” Of course he’s describing the upbringing of Jesus. But it’s funny how, you know, he talks about the arm of the Lord. The arm of the Lord symbolizes the power of God and he also speaks symbolically of the person of Jesus. Jesus is the arm of the Lord. And when the Bible talks about the knowledge of the power of God or the knowledge of how to receive from God he always links that to revelation. So you cannot activate the miracle power of God, you cannot activate the supernatural in your life until the arm of the Lord has been revealed to you. And that’s why in this season God is restoring to His people the ability to hear the voice of God for themselves because if you depend on the words of a preacher one day your preacher won’t be there and you will have a need of a God but God is always speaking and God is talking right now to you saying His voice will change every area of his life! Can you say amen to that?


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