LAURIE: You know, He cares about us. And so, Main Street really changed my life in good ways.

RYAN: And what did you, what were you feeling when you were encountering the Father there? Did He talk to you?

LAURIE: He did. He said to me that I had to go back.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: So, you know, my heart was beating out of my chest.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: I’m up against this tree.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: You know, all the beauty of Main Street is now gone.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: And just this panic that’s totally foreign to heaven.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: It doesn’t belong there.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: And there was no reason for it. That was, I think that was the part that, and it hurt the Father.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: You know, of course, it would hurt somebody who loves you so much, and you don’t, you’re not willing to run to Him.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: Instead of run away and hide.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: But He fixed all that. So I’m really – I love the Father. And I love how much He loves me.

RYAN: You feel His love. You experience His love.

LAURIE: Yes. Yes.

RYAN: Now, you have 11 grandkids.


RYAN: And you understand that you can’t relate to each one of your grandkids the same as the others, what you talk about. So, in that, you talk about understanding that, we need to understand that there’s a difference between rebellion and immaturity. Talk about that.

LAURIE: That’s true. So, I have 11 grandchildren. One of them lives in heaven now.

RYAN: Oh. Okay.

LAURIE: And so, I have my youngest grandson, one of the youngest grandsons right now. Oh, he’s pushing his food on the floor.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: You know. And you’re trying to train him don’t do that.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: But I have an 11-year-old granddaughter right now, and if she did it, that would be totally unacceptable.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: And the Father relates to us, not in our physical age, but in our spirit age.

RYAN: Yes.

LAURIE: How are we, what can we handle, how much do we understand? And those type things are really important for us to understand that God judges the heart, not just for judgment, but to be able to see what stage are you at. And it’s so good that He is perfect at doing that, and can help us. And so, immaturity isn’t the same as rebellion, in that, immaturity is just that you’re trying, and coloring a little bit outside of the lines.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: You know. Rebellion is when you refuse to try.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: You refuse. My hiding behind the tree was, the problem was inside of me.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: Not being able to reach out and let Him cover me in His love.

RYAN: Yeah. Yeah.

LAURIE: And sometimes people are just too hurt. And He’s so patient.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: The long-suffering inside of our Father.

RYAN: Oh, Thank God.

LAURIE: There’s no comparison.

RYAN: Thank God. [laughs]

LAURIE: [laughs] Amen. Amen.

RYAN: When we come back we’re going to talk with Laurie more about heaven. She’s going to pray for you. [music] She’s just going to pray the heaven down on you, the love of the Father. And so you don’t want to miss what’s coming up next.

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