SID: Mario, God told you to study the American youth. What did you find out?

MARIO: When I was asked to study the youth, I had been through the ’60s and the Jesus Movement, but I couldn’t believe the information that’s available on our children and what’s being fed to them, how they’re in despair, how the American suicide rate is off the chart, and it got so ugly that I realized that the playing field had been leveled. I used to think there were bad neighborhoods and good neighborhoods, but the Internet made it all possible for the same demons that hit the child in the ghetto to hit the child in the mansion.

When I found that out, it was late one night, about 2:00 in the morning, and I’d researched all this stuff and, all of a sudden, the room got ugly in like a stench and, evidently, something that I was embarking on was now a existential threat to evil, and the devil began to snarl. I could feel him. These statements, “I will grind them to powder. I will destroy them. I will completely manipulate them. I will turn them into evil. I will chew them up, spit them out and put them in a nameless grave. They will have no hope,” and he kept saying, “I will. I will,” and then, Sid, the glory of God filled my room, and I heard God roar, “But I will pour out my spirit on them.”

SID: Mario, I have to believe that, if the devil made such a point of wanting to kill the youth, the youth will be the devil’s greatest nightmare.

MARIO: Come on, brother.

SID: That’s what I believe.

MARIO: Wow. That’s right.

SID: Then God showed you about a national awakening, and I’m not a California person. I’m an East Coast person.

MARIO: Yes, sir.

SID: There’s something called Highway 99.

MARIO: Runs right through this.

SID: Tell me about all of that.

MARIO: Highway 99 has many cities. It runs from Red Bluff, California, down to Laval Road in Arvin, California. It’s 40 miles south of Bakersfield. I was preaching in Stockton, and after the morning service, I took a nap, and suddenly I was in a dream, the kind of dream that I warn people to be careful about, so I suddenly find myself suspended above the state of California and, with one glance, I was able to see from Red Bluff down to Laval Road, which is several hundred miles, and suddenly this highway, which by the way in… Five years ago, the top 10 worst cities in America, five of them were along that highway, and they have drugs and homelessness.

There’s one city I’m not going to name. They have 12,000 homeless people per capita, more homeless than anywhere else. Entire, vast neighborhoods along the 99 have been devastated by not only drugs and gangs, but the Mexican mafia has its only real footprint in America along that place, so I’m staring at the highway. It turns into a river, and it became a river, and I see trees popping, and he said, “These trees represent leaves of healing. There’s going to be thousands saved along this highway.”

I was miraculously given a tent five years later and completely forgot the dream. I’d mentioned it once in a while, told the people that lived in Stockton about it, but, one night, the Lord said, “I’d give you this tent and a thousand chairs. You take it from the top of 99 to the bottom, and you will see it will become a corridor of the glory of God.”

SID: He didn’t tell you to go into the upper class areas. You are going, from what I understand, in the most crime infested, gang-controlled, drug- infested, scariest, prostitution-effected areas imaginable. I’m going to take you to Paradise.

MARIO: Yes, sir.

SID: Tell me what happened there.

MARIO: Paradise, California, was like Dresden in Germany. When it was carpet-bombed by the Americans, there was nothing left. 24,000 buildings were destroyed in Paradise, California. It was nothing left. The water, you couldn’t drink it. The grid was gone.

SID: Awful fire.

MARIO: It is the first American city that we could say was entirely destroyed by fire, not even San Francisco could say that in 1906, and the Lord said, “Go to Paradise, California,” and I said, “There’s no one there.” He said, “Go,” and I’m thinking to myself going in that 88 people died in that fire and most of their relatives are going to be under this tent. I’m going to be preaching to people whose parents, loved ones, wives, husbands died in a fire, and instead, the power of God came and, the comfort of the Lord, it was amazing, and the Lord said, “This is just the beginning of what you’re going to see.”

From there, we had a tent meeting actually before Paradise in Marysville with the Five30 Event Center there with Jim Carpenter and Christine, and we had young kids who shaved their heads and tattooed Hitler on the side of their… It said Hitler and a swastika on one side. They’re at the altar. They’re the ones that God told me about. The devil said, “I’m going to destroy them.” Here they are down on the ground, spread-eagle, sobbing to be born again.

SID: Mario says he will reveal your purpose when we return, and it’s different than what you think.

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