SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome, to my world. Where it’s, naturally, supernatural. My guest, Dr. Francis Myles, is in South Africa, in a tent meeting, and they bring, a woman, that has been, insane, for 20 years. What happened?

FRANCIS: They bring her into the crusade, and, she has no essence of, being there. The men that were holding her had to hold her all the time because she was trying to run out. Then when the, Lord, brought me closer to pray for her, I saw, her body got opened up and I saw her spirit, and her spirit was surrounded with, what looked like a beehive, of thousands of, demons with twinky eyes. And, then her spirit spoke to me in English.

SID: She didn’t speak English.

FRANCIS: She didn’t speak English. She spoke Zulu.

SID: Zulu.

FRANCIS: And, she, speaks in English and, her spirit says to me, Sid, “Francis, help me.”
Francis, help me.

FRANCIS: It was the most desperate cry, I’ve ever heard in my life. And, in that moment, the fire of God came upon me, and, my interpreter said, I put my finger on her, head and I said, “In the name of Yeshua, unroll.” And when I did that, I saw the golden hand of Jesus, go into her body, and, begin to pull the spirits. They were tied to each other. It was like a long tail, and they began to come out, like that.

And when, the last one came out, it’s like Jesus threw the whole string of these demons, in one string, and the woman fell back with the people who were holding her back, and she recovered first, totally healed, and delivered.

SID: Only Jesus.

FRANCIS: Only Jesus.

SID: Otherwise, 20 years insane, that was her fate for, her whole life.
FRANCIS: She was, eating in the trashcans of, the community. She was well known.

SID: Now, I know, and you know, that the devil, is terrified, at this divine, revelation that you received, of restraining orders, from the court room. Before we even, get into this, tell me the circumstances, of how you got this revelation.

FRANCIS: Yes, I was driving from a crusade where I had seen blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened. I was listening to Ron Kenoly’s song, Jesus is Alive, and I was coming towards, a streetlight. And when I was coming close to it, the Holy spirit says, “When you get to the light, you don’t go through it, go to the right, and take the longer route to go to your house.” Well, when I got to the light, instead of, doing what the Holy Ghost had suggested, what it had to told me to do, I went right through it.

I went as far as the next light, before I heard a bang, and I was spinning, because a truck had hit me from behind. I was in a borrowed car. It was totaled, Sid, and I was terrified, more for the car than for my own life. And while I’m standing, the police arrive and they find the guy who hit my car, did not even have a driver’s license, no insurance. So, I had to repair this car by myself. And then the Holy Spirit says to me at that moment, “When I put an order on you not to go through, you better listen to what I’m saying.” That became the seed, God would use to excite, this entire revelation on issuing divine restraining orders from the courts of heaven.

SID: I hear there have been many that have been teaching on the going to the courtrooms of heaven, but, one of, the most famous men that has taught on this, he heard your revelation and what did he say?

FRANCIS: Oh, Robert Henderson, who was in my church, and, because I had the revelation, I said, “I want to test it in front of Robert.” I said, “Robert, I’m going to test it in front of you, because you’re one of the fathers of the courtroom revelation. He said, “Okay, let me listen to it.” When he heard me teach on issuing divine restraining orders, he says, “Oh my God, I’ve never heard this before and nobody is talking about this side, of the judicial government of God, and so he got me in touch with my publishers, Destiny Image, and that’s how we got the book out.
SID: Now, explain to me what, a divine restraining order is.

FRANCIS: A divine, restraining order is a, restraining or protective order, that is issued, by the courts of heaven, to protect, a person of destiny, institution, business, or nation, in situations, involving, clear, and present danger, to the preordained purposes of God.

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