SID: I’m here with Ana Warner, I believe that if you will sing to the people that are watching in their homes, in the studio audience, if you will sing just the song you sang for your husband when he was so critical, you thought he was dying or the doctors said that. You just sang Jesus. If you will sing that over people, I believe they’ll be healed and then I will sing in Hebrew the same thing that you sing. Then I believe we will start functioning and words of knowledge.

ANA: I’m excited you’re going to sing with me.

SID: Well, you haven’t heard me yet, but that’s okay.

ANA: Okay, stand. Do me a favor.

SID: I can’t believe I did this, by the way.

ANA: Me neither. Do me a favor and stand to your feet, please. Stay on your feet, really. Just be in the posture of receiving. All right. Thank you, Lord. Father, I just thank you for your fire that’s falling in this place, God. Father, we pray and we thank you for the freedom that we have in you. By your stripes, we’ve been healed. (singing). Thank you, Holy Spirit.

SID: (singing).

Audience: (singing).

ANA: Wow. Thank you, Jesus. Now somebody that is either here in the audience or you’re watching this now. I just get this word of knowledge for you right now. I hear the Lord saying that when I spoke that word earlier, I shared that story of a lady that had felt like she wasn’t good enough. I saw that word somewhere through the media that that’s for you. What that is is you’re actually up against a performance spirit where you feel like you’ve got to perform for your Papa Daddy’s love and you are chronically ill. There’s chronic illness, stuff that’s going on in your body and nobody can touch it. No doctor understands it. I see autoimmune problems. I see chronic illness, respiratory infection that never goes away. It just comes back all your life and no matter what you do you can’t get rid of this thing.

In Jesus’ name right now, I pray for your breakthrough in your healing. Father, I command that performance spirit to now go. You’re going to feel something lift off of you. Even in this very room, you’re going to feel it lift off of you right now. Performance spirit has been broken. Say this with me. If you would trust me, just repeat after me. I break my agreement.

Audience: I break my agreement.

ANA: With the lie.

Audience: With the lie.

ANA: That I’m not good enough.

Audience: That I’m not good enough.

ANA: Because I’m a son or daughter.

Audience: Because I’m a son or daughter.

ANA: Of the King of Kings.

Audience: Of the King of Kings.

ANA: Now look at me. He loves you just as you are. You don’t have to be perfect. You’re free. You’re absolutely free. You’re free. You have the victory over this and your body has now been healed in Jesus’ name. Now, I just get this word, Sid, about this thing. When you get your healing and your freedom, it can’t come back. Now when it tries, you can stand up in victory and say, “No, I’ve gotten my healing in the name of Jesus so you cannot come back. The door has been closed.” God is raising us up like that so that when we think, oh, because often people get their healing, their breakthrough and then it’s some the enemy tries to come back at us and then we get discouraged and we move right back to where we were before. But hey, listen, that’s when it’s time, we got to rise up. No, that cannot come back in Jesus’ name.

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