SID: Hello, it’s Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Donna Rigney is a prophetess, she hears from heaven and tells us what God is saying. I want everyone to know you a little bit better. You were raised Catholic.  At age seven you bumped into an amazing friend. Tell me about that.

DONNA: Yes, I was a seven year old going to church, marched into mass Sunday morning with my family, and the way the church was set up was the children sat up front and the parents sat in the back. So I went to the front with my sister and sat in the pew, and I was just very well behaved. They had nuns there that watched you to make sure that you were behaving. And so I was kneeling down at the part of the mass where you kneel down with my little missal and I was reading the words in the missal, and all of a sudden Jesus appeared to me.

DONNA: I had never had an experience with Jesus before. I knew it was him. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew it was him. And off he took me into the spirit, I think to heaven. It looked heavenly, and at the clouds, it was beautiful. And he was so wonderful, so friendly. He cared about every single thing that concerned me as a seven year old. He cared about if my mother was angry with me, if I had a fight with somebody, he was talking to me about all the things that were bothering me as a child. And I just felt so completely understood and loved. I just… I could have never left him. And then all of a sudden it was the time of the mass when people had to sit down and everyone else was sitting down, but I was still kneeling because I was going with Jesus, I wasn’t in church. And the nun tapped me on the shoulder for me to sit down. And when she did, she brought me out of the spirit and Jesus was gone. I was devastated. From then on, I began searching for him.

SID: And this became a lifetime search. She even went… coming from a Catholic background, she thought, “Well where can I better find him then in a convent?” So you actually joined a convent?

DONNA: Yes, I did.

SID: Did you find your friend there?

DONNA: No, and I stayed there for two and a half years.

SID: So she left the convent and she starts… She’s still looking, in search, in desperate search, of this friend. And she got ahold of a book and in this book this man knew her friend and she got very excited. You might know who that man was. Pat Boone. She read his life story. And then you said a prayer of salvation, you got saved, you then got filled with the Holy Spirit. Did you find your friend?

DONNA: Yes, I did. I didn’t start having visitations immediately. It was a struggle for me to hear God speak. When I was going to this charismatic prayer meeting I was attending, people would say, “I heard God say this, and I heard God say that.” And I didn’t hear God say anything. So I was frustrated. So I would get alone with God and I would say, “I want to hear you. I want to hear you like everybody else does.” Every day I pursued him.

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