SID: Jermaine, I think it’s important for us to establish the difference between someone that is a prophet and someone that has a prophetic calling. Distinguish that.

JERMAINE:  Yeah. So someone that is a prophet is, we see that in Ephesians four chapter 11 and 12, they’re called of God. God is the one who raises them. God is the one who anoints them and calls them for the purpose of being a prophet. And their job is to equip the body of Christ, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. They release that prophetic mantle to the body. They activate people to be prophetic. They keep the prophetic spirit of God alive within the body. They keep that activated.

SID: So a prophet activates others for the second thing. What is the second thing?

JERMAINE:  And the second thing is just a believer that has been activating the gift of prophecy. They’re flowing from the gift of prophecy that we see in 2 Corinthians chapter 14.

SID: So there are prophets and there are prophetic people. And your point is God’s the one that calls the prophets, but every believer that hears God is a prophetic person. Rebecca, tell me simple steps for us to start.

REBECCA: We’ve way over complicated it like I had said before, but to simply ask, receive and obey.

SID: Rebecca and Jermaine, go for it. Teach us how to prophesy.

JERMAINE:  Absolutely.

REBECCA: Yeah, absolutely. Just like we said, all you really have to do is ask, believe you’ve received it, and then obey. And by obey it’s really taking action of some kind, right? So just like when we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit doesn’t show up and grab our mouth, move our lips, move our tongue, make the vocal chord, right? We have to take an action to open our mouth and say it. And so what we’re going to do is just, we’re going to all today, everyone, everyone here, everyone watching is going to receive something from the Lord. And I’m going to put us through a practice run. Are you ready? Well, let me give you a little preface that when we say that God is speaking, I think sometimes Sid that if I say God spoke something to me—

SID: Well, we think a booming voice, like Moses hears God’s booming voice in the movies.

REBECCA: Yes. Right, that’s what we imagined. But the truth is when God speaks to us, he speaks to us just like how we… he speaks to our spirit, but we’re going to understand it just like we understand anything else. If you have a dream in your dream, there’s pictures, there’s sound, there’s feeling and sensation, there’s just stuff you instantly know. And so all of that is how you think. That’s how you process information. So when we say God spoke to us, very rarely are we saying that a booming voice came down from heaven. Almost never. Usually we’re saying something came in my spirit and I understood it because I saw a mental image or I heard a word or I felt an impression or I felt an emotion.

REBECCA: And so just to give you an example of how that works, we’re all going to do this right now. I’m going to ask you a question and you are going to get the answer.

SID: Did you say we’re going to get the answer?

REBECCA: You’re going to get the answer.

SID: That’s what I thought she said.

REBECCA: Everyone.

SID: Everyone?

REBECCA: Everyone is going to get the answer.

SID: I thought… I just want to clarify.

REBECCA: It’s a practice run so don’t be nervous, but are you ready? Here’s the question. What is your name?SID: I know. You know your name? Good. Good.

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