SID: What about taking a promise of God from the Bible?

RYAN: I believe that you can take the promises of God and you can hold onto them for you. One of the things that I’ve come to understand about the word of God is it’s for me, it’s for you. So when there is a promise that says that this is to be, and this is how it’s supposed to be, it means I get to apply that to my life. It’s not that I’m just a part of something, but I’m in something. From when that word was formed, if Christ was slain before the foundations of the earth, what was destined about my life before I was ever into existence? So that promise in the Bible has my DNA and my destiny attached to it as well.

SID: You talk about the need to not be passive, but to contend for your miracle.

RYAN: Yes sir. You have to be willing to fight for the fulfillment of the word. The enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy. But the scripture says that God gives us life and life more abundantly. And I know that we talk about the armor of God, the full armor of God. And yes, there’s times that you will never have to go into battle. A son knows when it is time to lay in the lap of the King, but also when it is time to step in the battlefield. And there’s times in our lives that the enemy knows and has heard what the prophetic destiny is, and because of that, they want to derail you and deny you, but you get up and fight. When you get knocked down, you get back up and you say, “Nope, this is what the word says. This is what God said. And I will fight.”

SID: I’m going to hire you as a life coach right now. I want you to talk to someone. I want you to talk to them. They just been to the doctor. They have just gotten, the Bible calls it an evil report, and they’re coming apart at the seams like your mom did. Talk to them.

RYAN: The Bible declares by his stripes, we are healed. We are healed already, but our bodies are flesh and they’re weak at times. But I want you to remember this. I know what the doctor says. I know what the medical team says, and I know what in the natural it appears to be, but I know this. God didn’t create you to cut life short in you. God created you to overcome some of the things that you’re faced with. And I want you to know that even though the enemy may come, the Bible says he may come and a thousand at your right hand, 10,000 will fall on the left hand. I’m telling you that no weapon formed against you shall be able to prosper. It’s not my words, it’s his word. So even if your body is weak right now, I decree and declare that the body has to come in alignment with God’s word that declares healed, restored, and renewed right now in the name of Jesus.

SID: And I want you to pray that we’d be open to receive a new prophetic word from God or fulfill an older prophecy.

RYAN: Father, right now, I ask right now for every man and woman that hears under the sound of my voice, I call for, for their spiritual ears to be open. Now in the name of Jesus, I cancel all the white noise and distraction that the enemy has come against them. I silence the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ. I plead a bloodline over every man and woman that they would have ears to hear what you have prophetically called upon their life. And Father, for the fulfillment of the prophetic words, they are marked by your assignment. They are marked by your glory and they are marked by your anointing. I call for them to come into the existence that they will be fulfilled in a way in only which you get the glory and honor. I remind the enemy right now in the name of Jesus that he has no power. He has no control. He has no right. I revoke his license over these prophetic dreams, visions and words over their lives in the name of Jesus.

SID: Maybe you know about Jesus, maybe you don’t. But you know that you don’t have experiential knowledge of him. Some of you may have head knowledge. Some of you have maybe have even said a prayer in a church and walked down the aisle, but you’ve never had your own experience with God. I want to pray that for you right now. Repeat after me. Dear God, out loud, dear God, I’m a sinner and I’m so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and I am clean and now that I’m clean, Jesus come and live inside of me. I make you my Lord. I want an encounter with you, an experience with you. I need you, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

SID: Next week on It’s Supernatural.

Carol Arnott: Did you know that when you soak in God’s presence, your body is healed, your heart is restored, as you experience the presence of God like never before. I want you to join me on the next, It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, as we discover the supernatural power of soaking.

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