SID: There is one thing that it understands, fear, horrific fear. It’s John, and if there’s one man thing could get people free of fear. It’s John Ramirez. John, you said there are two weapons, two things stronger than any demon in hell at the disposal of every believer. What are they?

JOHN: Uncle, [He] said to me, there’s no greater weapon, no greater chain than the name of Jesus Christ. Would break every chain, every bondage, every—

SID: What if you don’t see something when you use the name of Jesus? What’s going on in the invisible world?

JOHN: Oh in the invisible world, that name shakes the foundations of hell and the spirit realm. It will paralyze the devil and his cronies. That name has power over every sickness, over every demonic tormenting devil, a fear. That name destroyed, even under that name they’d say demons tremble under that name.

SID: John, what’s the second one?

JOHN: The blood of Jesus Christ.

SID: When I say, “I apply the blood of Jesus over my family. I apply the blood of Jesus over my house. I apply the blood of Jesus where I work. I apply the blood of Jesus in my car.” What is going on?

JOHN: In the spirit realm when you … When Moses put the blood on the doorpost that the Angel of Death has to pass by, the Angel of Death had to pass by. When you apply the blood of Jesus upon your family, your relatives, your loved ones. My daughter she lives in Brooklyn, I live in Manhattan. I apply the blood of Jesus when she get in the subways, when she go to work, when she leaves work at night, work by herself, walking home. I apply the blood of Jesus. I mean devil, you have to pass over her. You can’t touch her. She doesn’t belong to you. Nothing that I apply the blood of Jesus, you have no legal rights over it. You are destroyed, dismantled, you’re inoperative and you’re defeated because the blood of Jesus says so.

JOHN: To me, it’s like the oxygen you breathe. If you don’t breathe oxygen, you won’t live. So we need to understand that the blood of Jesus moves, shakes, and destroys, dismantles the devil’s kingdom and turns it upside down. And we need to apply no matter what. I mean that should just be your language. That should be your spiritual warfare language. The blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus.

JOHN: When I wake up in the morning, I say, “devil I’m not … Jesus, thank you for waking me up in the morning. Devil, I mark the blood of Jesus right there, to hit him real quick.” Offense, shake him in his boots.

SID: This stuff. You know what’s so wonderful? It’s for the least believer can do the same works Jesus did. And if you really believe the Bible, then even greater. But how? Right now the question is, how can you live without fear? When we return.

We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.




We now return to It’s Supernatural.

SID: John, a woman by the name of Daisy.

JOHN: Daisy was a friend of the family’s, and she was involved in the occult Santeria. Santeria means worship of demons. She was in it. She was baptized into all the witchcraft, and the rituals, and the ceremonies of Santeria. And one day I went to my mom’s house and I said, “Hey Daisy, you see my life, how God set me free.” She said, “John, I’m so afraid. I have so much fear if I leave, they’re going to kill me.” I said, “Look, they didn’t kill me. They’re not going to kill you. Just accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I promise you that nothing’s going to happen to you.” And she said, “Okay, John, I want Jesus.”

JOHN: Jesus, Daisy is ready to take you into her heart.

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