BRENDA: The media is going to have to put it on the screens. They’re not going to be able to deny it. Science won’t be able to deny it because there is a difference coming, and I want to add this one piece to that is that in our house, this is what we’ve been declaring. My house is a no fly zone to the enemy in the decade of difference. That’s what we’re coming into in this new decade from the spirit of God.

SID: You have a new book on this subject. It’s more than a book though. It’ll be a lifestyle that is going to so change families and individuals, and you talk about the decree or the declaration. What is that?

BRENDA: Well, I believe in this decade it’s very necessary that our words get aligned with heaven. It’s so important. We’ve got to speak what God speak. We need to get in alignment with the prophetic words. We got to get in alignment with the scripture, and we’ve got to speak and declare things according to the word of God. If I can give you a biblical… a very obvious biblical example. In the days of creation, God said, “Light be,” but he spoke before there was a manifestation. Sound always proceeds manifestation.

SID: Boy, that’s an important statement. Will you say that again?

BRENDA: Sound always precedes manifestation. Sometimes we want a miracle. We want a manifestation in our life, but we ourselves don’t want to put out the right sound, and I’ll just say it like this and for you that are viewing right now, sometimes the hardest time to put out the right sound is when you’re in a battle. When you’re in a fight, when you’re looking at the earth and it looks like it’s void and without form and it doesn’t seem like there’s a manifestation and everything’s going against.

BRENDA: In fact, I feel like there’s somebody… you’re right now in the fight of your life. You feel like you’re in a battle, but the spirit of God is saying, “When you begin to put those declarations out in agreement with the scripture, in agreement with that prophetic word that you had, something is going to shift and you will prophesy it’s true. You will see the manifestation of the spirit of God.”

SID: What is the difference between a decree and just speaking?

BRENDA: A declaration or a decree, if I could say it that way, is an authoritative order backed by the law. We could say it like this, that our decree prophetically is an authoritative order when we align it with God’s word. It is an authoritative order backed by the word of God. And when it’s backed by the word of God, here’s the beautiful part, Sid, it must come to pass. It has to happen because God already declared it so.

SID: We’ve taken your book, a hundred of these amazing declarations. Every arena, every area, you can think of. But there’s one that’s really close to a heart of just about everyone that’s watching us right now, and that is your own household. I want you to read a declaration from your book right now on households.

BRENDA: Absolutely. And I want you to receive this because maybe you’re dealing, maybe you’re in a place where your marriage is in trouble. You’re having trouble with your children, maybe they’re grown children or little children, whatever it is. And how I want to encourage you with this. God is about families. He’s about households, okay?

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